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Halsey says she’s ‘lucky to be alive’ amid years-long health battle




Halsey is staying strong amid her ongoing Health battle.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the singer gave fans an update on her medical struggles ahead of the release of her fifth studio album. One heartbreaking track, titled “The End,” details her struggle to find answers about her worsening condition.

“long story short, i’m Lucky to be alive,” Halsey, who uses “she/they” pronouns, captioned the post. “short story long, i wrote an album.”

The 29-year-old also tagged the Lupus Research Alliance and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in her post. However, the “Closer” singer did not disclose whether she was diagnosed with either disease.

Halsey told followers she is “lucky to be alive.” iamhalsey/Instagram
The singer gave fans a look at her secret health battle while announcing the release of her new single. iamhalsey/Instagram
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Halsey kicked off the carousel by sharing a video of herself grimacing while rubbing her legs.

“I feel like an old lady,” they said. “I told myself I’m giving myself two more years to be sick.”

Halsey said that by the time she turns 30, she is manifesting “a rebirth” and that she is “not going to be sick.”

“I’m going to look super hot and have lots of energy and I’m just going to get to redo my twenties in my thirties,” they said.

Halsey in the hospital.
They included videos from when they underwent treatment. iamhalsey/Instagram
Halsey in the hospital.
Halsey did not reveal her exact diagnosis. iamhalsey/Instagram

In the next slide, the “Without Me” singer sat in a chair while attached to what looked like a transfusion machine.

“Today is day one of treatment,” they said in the selfie-style video. In the clip, Halsey wore a surgical mask and covered their hair with a tan bandana.

Halsey concluded the post with a montage of clips that showed her crying, holding medicine vials and being linked up to IVs.

Amid the treatment, the mother of one seemingly turned to music as an outlet as she also shared a few clips that were filmed in a recording studio.

Halsey in the hospital.
The “Closer” singer shared clips of herself crying and in the studio. iamhalsey/Instagram
Halsey in the hospital.
They tagged the Lupus Research Alliance and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. iamhalsey/Instagram

Halsey dropped her new single, “The End,” on Tuesday, a track in which she paints a painful picture of her years-long health battle.

“Every couple of years now, a doctor says I’m sick / Pulls out a brand new bag of tricks / And then they lay it on me / And at first, it was my brain, then a skeleton in pain,” she sings on the acoustic ballad.

Halsey, who described herself as “damaged goods,” also sang about feeling like she was fighting a losing battle.

“When I met you, I said I would never die / But the joke was always mine ’cause I’m racing against time,” they sang.

Halsey's new song The End
Her new song, “The End,” details her health battle. iamhalsey/Instagram
In the ballad, Halsey sings about doctors not being able to figure out their diagnosis. iamhalsey/Instagram

“And I know it’s not the end of the world / But could you pick me up at 8? / Because my treatment starts today.”

Although Halsey didn’t reveal their exact diagnosis, they have been very open in the past about their battle with endometriosis and other diseases.

They first opened up about having the chronic condition in 2021 – and revealed the symptoms worsened after giving birth to son Ender in 2021.

“Obviously my health has changed a lot since I got pregnant and gave birth,” she said in 2022.

Halsey and her son
The hitmaker previously revealed they had endometriosis. iamhalsey/Instagram
Halsey has dealt with the chronic illness since 2016. iamhalsey/Instagram

“I started getting really, really, really, sick… I was hospitalized for anaphylaxis, a few times, and I had some other stuff going on.”

The “Him & I” singer last gave an update on her condition in March, revealing she underwent another surgery and was “back in diapers.”

“at least they have little bows,” she joked of the absorbent undies, which were pulled below several incision spots covered with bandages.

Per the World Health Organization, Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue that usually lines the uterus grows outside of it — often causing severe pain.