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Future 2: Pantheon Raid Mechanics Defined




Future 2 launched the limited-time Pantheon mode, which is a raid boss gauntlet that have to be crushed inside a time restrict to acquire the extremely prestigious title of “Godslayer.” Each week, new challenges are launched with extra bosses and lowered energy ranges. For gamers prepared to participate on this occasion or for these nonetheless unfamiliar with the numerous mechanics for every boss, this information will finest clarify every encounter as merely as doable in order that you realize the numerous roles to take and the way you are able to do them to the perfect of your capability.

Golgoroth Mechanics

For loadouts, have no less than two Properly of Radiance Warlocks for DPS, whereas two Gamers use Izanagi’s Burden to carry Golgoroth’s Gaze.

Golgoroth has two mechanics to do in an effort to get as a lot DPS as doable: Golgoroth’s Gaze and Unstable Mild. Groups have to be divided into two roles for this encounter: The Gaze holders and the DPS staff.

For the Gamers doing Golgoroth’s Gaze, there ought to solely be two Gamers doing this mechanic. The Gaze holders should shoot the fleshy, glowing again of Golgoroth to carry his gaze. The present Gaze holder has a timer exhibiting how lengthy Golgoroth is taking a look at them. To increase the harm part, the opposite holder with out the Gaze should shoot Golgoroth’s again to inherit the debuff. In case you are holding its Gaze, discover cowl and begin counting down the Gaze timer loudly and clearly in order that your companion will know when to shoot the again. The Gaze holder should stand behind the staff doing DPS, as it will expose his abdomen’s weak level. One of the best weapon for every Gaze holder is Izanagi’s Burden, as taking pictures the again with Honed Edge x4 will deal greater than 1,000,000 harm to Golgoroth, letting you deal DPS-like harm for a supporting position.

For the DPS staff, shoot the bubble on the ceiling, as the realm they’ll land on would be the spots the place you do DPS. Two random Gamers within the DPS may have a debuff referred to as “Unstable Mild.” When you’ve got this debuff, go proper subsequent to Golgoroth and await the debuff timer to expire, as it will trigger heavy harm to the boss. Watch out to not stand close to different Gamers whilst you have this debuff, as they’ll die from the explosion you emit. Coordinate with the opposite participant who has the debuff as if you happen to each stand subsequent to one another, you’ll each die from the explosion.

The Caretaker Mechanics

Divide your staff into three roles: Boss stun staff, add clear staff, and symbols staff.

For the symbols staff, two gamers should alternate going contained in the darkish room behind the obelisk and collect symbols inside. In case you are on the symbols staff, you have to go contained in the darkish room and collect the primary three symbols you see. Bear in mind the symbols you picked up as you’ll shoot those self same symbols on the obelisk. Speak to your companion about what symbols you gathered in order that they know which of them to shoot when you come out. After you have gathered three symbols, you and your companion should shoot those self same symbols on the obelisk as quick as doable. Whereas in the dead of night room, you have to run as quick as you’ll be able to as you’ll obtain a debuff referred to as Pervading Darkness, which can immediately kill you after it reaches 10 stacks. To start out the harm part, your staff should deposit 9 symbols on the obelisk.

For the beautiful staff, two Gamers should continuously stand close to the boss. Gorgeous The Caretaker is straightforward: As soon as he slams on the bottom, his face will glow yellow. Shoot his face to open the coffin on his again. The participant standing behind him ought to then shoot the glowing spot within the coffin to stun him. If the Caretaker reaches any of the plates earlier than the harm part, the entire staff shall be worn out.

Add clear groups should prioritize the Taken Vandals, Ogres, and orange bar Scorn that spawn within the enviornment, as they will deal lots of harm to the stun and symbols groups.

To deal harm, the staff should stand on an orange glowing plate to bypass his immunity. A preferred and optimum harm technique for Caretaker is utilizing Particular and a few Heavy weapon photographs on the primary plate, Major weapons solely on the second plate, and magdumping Heavy and Supers on the third plate. If accomplished proper, it will skip the third flooring of the encounter and go straight to the final stand second.

Zo’aurc, Explicator of Worlds Encounter

The staff have to be divided into three groups. The primary two Gamers will stand on the backside left and backside proper triangular platforms, the next two Gamers will stand on the high left and high proper triangular platforms, and the final two will clear provides.

The sector is split into two sections: Mild Left and Darkish Proper. The left facet may have principally Mild planets, whereas the proper facet may have principally Darkish planets. The purpose for the planet groups is to take the odd planet out and dunk it on the opposite facet of the room. To have the ability to change planets, the gamers accountable should kill the Colossi that spawn on their platforms. The gamers that deal the killing blow to a Colossus will get the “Planetary Alignment” buff. This buff lets the participant choose up a planet and switch it to the triangular platform on the opposite facet. Every triangular platform has three planets on it, one in all them being on the improper facet of the room (i.e., one Darkish planet on the Mild facet and one Mild planet on the Darkish facet.) In case you are doing planet-switching, discuss to your companion about which facet of the triangle you need to dunk their planet.

For the add clear staff, prioritize the Cabal Centurions that spawn since defeating them will spawn the Colossi wanted to do the principle mechanic.

As soon as all planets are positioned on their correct sides, it will begin the subsequent mechanic. Every of the three plates on the middle of the room may have a planet on them. Two plates will share the identical shade whereas one would be the reverse, so it’s both two Darkish plates and one Mild plate or two Mild plates and one Darkish plate. The planet groups should kill their Colossi, seize the required coloured planet, and dunk it into the plate. As soon as all three plates have their required planet, the harm part will begin, however earlier than your fireteam begins DPS, make sure that to alternate between the coloured plates. If there are two Darkish plates, your plate order ought to be Darkish, Mild, Darkish. If there are two Mild plates, the order ought to be Mild, Darkish, Mild.

Atraks-1 Mechanics

For weapon loadouts, use the Parasite heavy grenade launcher for optimum DPS. If not, The Lament Sword is a viable various.

Divide your staff into two teams: Floor staff and House staff. The Floor staff ought to have one participant choose up the purple Operator buff, whereas the House staff ought to have one participant choose up the Scanner buff. The elevators would be the solely method between the Floor and House areas.

To start out, 3 individuals ought to instantly head to the House space and search for the Vandal with the Scanner buff. This can spawn the Sentinel Servitors, three of which can spawn on the Floor space and three within the House space. Killing all six Sentinels will begin the DPS part. The Floor staff should kill their three Sentinels, seize the Operator buff, and go to the House space utilizing the elevators. The Operator can name an elevator by taking pictures the purple panels proper subsequent to the elevators. As soon as all Floor staff members are in House, the House staff ought to have their Scanner participant prepared and kill their Sentinels. This begins the DPS part.

The participant with the Scanner buff should discover an Atraks copy that’s glowing shiny yellow. It’s important that your staff time their DPS, as hitting the boss will trigger it to vanish after a couple of seconds. Everybody within the raid staff should use a subclass with burst harm DPS, so Titans with Thundercrash or Burning Maul (Cuirass of the Falling Star and Pyrogale Gauntlets), Warlocks with Nova Bomb, and Hunters with Golden Gun (Celestial Nighthawk). Time your Parasite photographs and Tremendous use along with your staff so you’ll be able to, ideally, one part Atraks-1.

As soon as an Atraks copy dies, it’s going to depart behind an vitality ball. Any participant not operating the Operator buff ought to choose it up, as it’s going to countdown. If the ball is left on the ground for too lengthy, it’s going to wipe the raid. The Operator can reset the timer by taking pictures the Atraks clone hanging on the participant’s again.