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Five-Star Hospitality At 41,000 ft: Luxury Hotels That Offer The Private Jet Experience




Luxe hospitality, once synonymous with private butlers, sport fishing, and world-class spas, has undergone a transformation with the introduction of private jet experiences. Seasoned hotels are upping the ante on grandeur by extending their exclusive amenities into the skies, aboard private jets that promise guest-centric designs, glamour, and unparalleled comfort. In this story, we round up leading luxury hotel brands that are pushing the envelope by curating bespoke vacation itineraries and whisking their guests around the world aboard the property’s private jets.

Redefining luxury: Hotels with exclusive private jet experiences

Four Seasons

Adding aerial artistry to its portfolio, the Four Seasons Private Jet boasts a mid-air lounge area for interactive workshops, an executive chef rustling up delish meals, and handcrafted Italian leather seats. With room for up to 48 globetrotters, the hotel’s custom-outfitted Airbus A321LRneo offers exclusive itineraries for its guests, spanning Asian gems, African marvels, and everything in between. An onboard physician also Travels with the crew to ensure guests’ safety and well-being at all times.

Aman Hotels

Private jet hotels
Aman Resorts | Image Credit: Aman Resorts

Be it luxury tents or historic dwellings, Aman Hotels redefines luxury with every offering. The brand also guarantees a trip to Cloud Nine with its very own private jet. With an upper limit of 18 passengers, the private jet expedition crafts exclusive holidays around the world, touching down at Suntory distilleries in Japan, Himalayan tiger reserves, and the like. What’s more? Guests get to check in at Aman properties at every halt.

FIVE Palm Jumeirah

FIVE Palm Jumeirah
9H-Five | Image Credit: FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel

FIVE Palm Jumeirah is taking celebrations to newer heights onboard its private party jet. Imagine lambent lights in pink-purple hues, a cinema room, free-flowing champagne, satin pyjamas, Molton Brown bath products, and electrochromic window shades. With a capacity to fly 16 guests, the Airbus ACJ TwentyTwo jet, called 9H-FIVE, has bragging rights to a 12-hour flying range.

Rosewood Sand Hill, Menlo Park

Private jet hotels
Surf Air On Demand Charter | Image Credit: Rosewood Hotels

Rosewood Sand Hill, in partnership with Los Angeles-based aviation marketplace Surf Air, offers exclusive aerial jaunts replete with amenities and discounted rates. Guests can choose from over a hundred types of aircraft to find the best fit, and book instantly with guaranteed availability and transparent fares. The collaboration’s Luxury Bay Area Escape Package delights with customisable itineraries, a two-plus night stay at a suite of your choice, and a four-door sedan service from Rosewood Sand Hill to the airport, among other perks.

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Additionally, soak up splendid views from a chopper

Miavana By Time + Tide

helicopter tours
Helicopter tours at Miavana By Time + Tide | Image Credit: Miavana By Time + Tide

While stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking promise fun, the bells and whistles at Miavana By Time + Tide extend to helicopter adventures over turquoise seas, baobans, and mountains. Nestled in Madagascar, the resort’s half-day helicopter excursions will take you to the Northern reaches of the island country. Upon a gentle landing, you can hop off the chopper and go chasing Tsingy rock formations, caves, exotic birds, and rare lemur species along with the resort’s expert guide!

Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski St. Moritz

luxury onboard jets
Swiss Alps | Image Credit: Kempinski Hotels

Make the most of the alpine scenery from Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski St. Moritz’s helicopter tours. Hovering over the gorgeous glacier whitewashed with snow and the lofty Piz Bernina Massiv, pocket breathtaking adventures and views.

The Crowne Melbourne

helicopter tour
Microflite | Image Credit: Crowne Melbourne

Tour Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks and embrace the skies onboard Microflite’s bespoke charter flights. The partnership between Microflite and The Crowne Melbourne benefits from the strategic placement of Microflite’s helipad, right opposite the hotel, alongside Yarra River. Guests can opt for brilliantly crafted expeditions such as the Food and Wine Tour encompassing the wineries of Victora. Other attractive excursions include the Melbourne City Tour and the Twelve Apostles Tour.

(Feature Image Credit: FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel)

This story first appeared on Travel+Leisure Asia India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What amenities can I expect from hotels with a private jet?
By checking into a hotel that offers the private jet experience, guests can expect aerial adventures and itineraries that involve flying in the hotel’s aircraft and staying at the hotel properties at the itinerary halts.

– Are private jet hotels only for those who own private jets?
No, one doesn’t have to own a private jet to access luxury hotels offering private jet experiences. Like any other online booking, head to the hotel’s official website, inquire about the private jet or helicopter tours, take your pick, and make the booking.

– Do private jet hotels cater to Business Travellers exclusively?
No, hotels with the private jet experience cater to all guests.

– How do I book a stay at a hotel with a private jet?
You can book a stay at a hotel offering private jet services via the hotel’s official website.