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Duck Dynasty Stars Missy and Jase Robertson’s Farm Hit by Tornado



'Duck Dynasty' Stars Missy and Jase Robertson's Farm ‘Took a Direct Hit’ By Tornado: ‘Please Pray’

Missy and Jase Robertson.
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Duck Dynasty stars Missy and Jase Robertson are reeling after their farm was destroyed by a tornado on Wednesday, May 8.

“Last night our Tennessee farm took a direct hit from a Cat 3 tornado,” Missy, 55, wrote via Instagram on Thursday, May 9, alongside a carousel of photos showing the aftermath of their property. “It actually hit about 30 seconds after [our son] @thecolerobertson drove into the driveway. He got out of his car and looked straight at it coming up over our back hill.”

She continued: “Thankfully, we have a safe room in our garage, but it’s on the other side of our home, and Cole decided in a split second that he didn’t have time to make it there. He turned to run inside and was forced to the ground by the winds. He was able to get up, run inside and dive into the bathtub where he covered his head and listened to glass shattering and trees falling on the house and all around him. He escaped completely unharmed.”

Missy and Jase, who were at their Louisiana farm when the tornado struck their Tennessee property, went on to explain that the family knew that Cole, 26, “would not have made it to the safe room” as there are “multiple large trees fell between his car and the garage.” She added that Jase, 54, “was praying over our meal in Louisiana and asking God for protection for our family at the exact same time: 5:52 pm.”

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The TV star said they “had no idea what was happening” as the tornado ripped through the family’s property.

“We’re thanking God for His protection over Cole today and our sweet neighbors who also took the hit,” she added. “Please pray for those who are injured, missing and the families that lost loved ones.Our damage is extensive and clean-up has started and will be a long process, but right now this mama is completely thankful for God’s mercy over one of my most valuable possessions.”

Aside from Cole, Jase and Missy share son Reed, 26, daughter Mia, 20, and multiple grandchildren.

On Saturday, May 11, Jase, 54, took to Instagram to note that  “it’s been a long couple of days and pretty much everything in my body hurts” alongside several snaps of himself walking over uprooted trees. He added, “Thanks for the prayers and encouragement. It’s been overwhelming and exhausting.”

Despite the devastating wreckage left over of the family’s farm, Jase has found something to be grateful for. In a follow up post on Sunday, May 12, the A&E personality shared a tribute to his wife for Mother’s Day.

“I couldn’t let this day get by without acknowledging how this woman keeps our family connected,” he wrote. “To be fair, I told her this morning that being a mom and grandmother is her greatest achievements. She’s fantastic at it! There are a lot of behind-the-scenes tasks that will never be broadcast, but God knows. She makes it look easy but I know she works hard at it and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Happy Mother’s Day, Babe!”

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