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Costa Rica’s Enigmatic Encounter: Reports of 1-Meter Orb Near Aircraft Ignite UFO Speculations, November 18, 2023




Date of sighting: Nov 18, 2023Location of sighting: Costa Rica

UFO orbs are most often seen near aircraft, not because it’s interesting, but because it’s the only thing in the sky near them that they can scan and observe closely.  Here we see a one meter metallic orb, similar to those seen in recently US government released videos. Orbs can both be controlled by an AI thats almost godlike, and it can be controlled manually by an alien or AI species on a far away planet.

Oh, and the eyewitness states, he felt compelled to watch, orbs and UFOs do have telepathic tech that can both read your thoughts from up to a mile away or more and it can also send you messages. If it ever happens to you, you will 100% understand. Yes, its happened to me and I still am amazed by my own experience. Meditation can call them to you, if you are focused for 15 minutes or more, alone and hold still, so they can pinpoint your exact location. Send them a greetings, “Welcome my brothers and sisters in the sky, we are all one, I am honored to know you are there.” And go from there on your own. Good luck.

Eyewitness states:

“A sphere makes an excessively close approach to an airplane about to land in Costa Rica. This is a demonstration of the versatility of these objects. We received a mental command to record the aircraft and that we would see a surprise.”