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Cannes security guard clashes with K-pop star Yoona after heated moments with Kelly Rowland, Massiel Taveras




The cranky Cannes security guard strikes again.

The same female staffer who made headlines for rushing Kelly Rowland and Massiel Taveras off the red carPet also clashed with K-pop star Yoona.

A video of the interaction went viral on X over the weekend, showing the singer,, climbing the steps in a pink Monique Lhuillier gown before turning around to pose and wave to fans — only to find the guard’s arm blocking her.

The infamous Cannes security guard has been caught on camera rushing another star off the carpet. X
Yoona was attempting to pose for pictures and wave to fans. AFP via Getty Images
However, the female staffer stopped her with an arm. X

The staffer stopped Yoona and ushered her away.

While the interaction did not take a heated turn, the Girls’ Generation member did look visibly frustrated as she followed instructions and walked off.

“You could tell Yoona’s pissed but she handled it with grace and class,” one social media user wrote, with another praising the actress for maintaining her “kind smile.”

The actress appeared annoyed. Getty Images
Social media users praised her for handling the moment with “class.” GC Images

A third fan posted a picture of Yoona’s dress, noting, “This [would] be a nice pic if not for that damn arm.”

When the same happened to Rowland last week, the former Destiny’s Child member made headlines for scolding the usher ahead of the “Marcello Mio” premiere.

The singer, 43, teared up recalling the interaction on Thursday.

Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland had a similar interaction with the same staffer last week. Getty Images
Kelly Rowland
The former Destiny’s Child member scolded the woman. Pool Photo Events 03/

“That woman knows what happened. I know what happened,” Rowland told AP News. “I have a boundary, and I stand by those boundaries.

“There were other women that attended that carpet who did not quite look like me and they didn’t get scolded, or pushed off, or told to get off,” she continued.

Dominican actress Massiel Taveras had a similar experience with the same woman and was caught on camera shoving her.

Kelly Rowland
The singer got emotional days later about setting “boundaries.” AFP via Getty Images
Massiel Taveras
Massiel Taveras, for her part, made headlines for shoving the security guard. X

However, the unidentified staffer has been defended by one of her colleagues via the Daily Mail.

“She was an usher working under a lot of pressure to keep people on the carpet moving, so as to stop crowds building up,” the unnamed co-worker told the outlet.

“There was no pushing or shoving, or scolding. Security and safety are the priorities, along with keeping to strict timetables set according to contracts — even the celebrities have to stick to the rules.”