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Canine Arthritis Management: the Big Walk 2021



Canine Arthritis management

Throughout September, Canine Arthritis Management are going to be with their annual CAM Big Walks fundraiser!

So much of having an arthritic dog is things they can’t do, and CAM intends to change that with a 30-day series of emails taking owners on an imaginary adventure, exploring different environments and looking for all the little things that make these places so exciting for an arthritic dog.

Each email will include soundbites from experts and CAM founder Hannah Capon herself, as well as lots of tips and advice. Join in with a Bingo card-style daily activity, from picking up litter to going for a moonlit walk – simple things that help create a more interactive walk.

With prizes on offer, discount codes and access to an exclusive group for light-hearted chat and sharing of adventures big and small, it promises to be a lot of fun and a chance to escape from the vet visits, stress and worry that often comes with owning an arthritic dog.

canine arthritis management

There are three packages on offer to suit different budgets. Garden Wanderer is just £10 and gives access to the emails, Facebook group including the exclusive lives, discount codes and the chance to win prizes as well as play along with our Big Walk Bingo.

Park Explorer at £40 has all that plus a CAM big walks T-shirt (ladies or unisex fit) and a dog bandana to match. Or go for the £70 Forest Adventurer package which as well as the T-shirt and bandana includes access to CAM Comprehensive, a detailed course to help owners on their journey with their arthritic dog – priced at £40 on its own!

Join us to find out how to make life special for dogs with arthritis and other joint conditions, improve their quality of life and give #YourDogMoreYears:out with the old

This year we are fundraising to not only continue to keep our live sessions free and our resources accessible to the public, but also to refurbish our website to be even bigger and better for dogs, owners and animal Health professionals alike!

Share the event to your social media pages and help us get the message out that there is more to life with dog with arthritis, and even if a dog can’t do the activities they used to there is still a whole world of fun to be found out there – whether it is at the beach, in the local park or simply in the garden!