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Business Beat: Grants New England, helping non-profits




Photo: Phil Auger, GNE CEO – Stephanie Cotsonas, GNE Operations Manager – Kathleen Layton, GNE Grant Writer

Within the first year of its existence, Grants New England, is fast becoming a beacon for firms looking to find and secure funding for either their organization or purpose. The North Kingstown-based company looks to research, write, submit and manage grants for companies. While they specialize in non-profit organizations, Grants New England also works with cities and towns interested in locating potential funding.

Grants New England (GNE) is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Phil Auger, who previously served as an educator before starting his own Business last fall.

Auger said he is happily surprised how fast his new business has grown.

“I learned about the need for grant writing about a year ago on how to help different organizations that needed financial help,” he said. “The initial response to this has been absolutely tremendous. I have already seen significant growth and a definite need. Many people or companies don’t have the time and/or the resources to devote to grant writing. That is where I can come in and work with them on getting this money.”

Grants New England focuses on building strong relationships with their clients. They believe in working closely with their partner organizations to produce high-quality grant proposals that effectively convey their organization’s story and impact. GNE’s partnering non-profit leaders know that storytelling and effective communication are key to securing funding. However, finding the time and expertise to craft compelling grant proposals can be challenging. That’s where GNE experience helps. They bridge the resource gaps by staying on top of grant opportunities and handling the intricate process of grant writing and management.

While based in Rhode Island, Auger works with clients in neighboring Massachusetts and as far away as California.  He works with clients of all sizes and monetary needs to provide the technical support for these often labor-intensive applications. There are many moving parts to such applications, with some grant applications have very short deadlines (as little as one day in some cases).

“Often, the more established companies are more likely to get funded over the less-established ones,” he said. “The less-established companies and usually the ones who need the money more. However, the more grounded companies are seen as a lower risk, and thus, more likely to be approved for funding.”

Grants New England also saves time and effort for non-profits. Some organizations use his services a few hours per week on a monthly basis. This can work in everyone’s favor since it often costs a full-time salary and benefits as the other option.

“As a non-profit organization, it may prove beneficial for them to either spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to invest in type of work through me as opposed to paying someone around $75,000 a year doing the same thing,” he said.

Grants New England understands that the needs of a smaller organization can be vastly different from those with multi-million dollar budgets. With this in mind, they often customize their work plans from one-time projects to regular management of a comprehensive grants schedule, which can include several grant applications going out monthly. They offer affordable rates and flexible payment options, making their services accessible to nonprofits of all sizes.

With a proven track record of helping numerous organizations secure substantial funding, the Grants New England team is dedicated to helping their partners achieve their funding goals and is spreading the word to nonprofits and schools that there is a solution for navigating the complex world of grants.

Auger said he looks to expand his reach during the next 12 months. He noted the growing number of inquiries regarding his services. Phil is also interested in meeting with anyone who may be able to provide grant writing support. Right now, however, everything is just in the planning stages.

Contact Grants New England at – Phil Auger at 401-742-3915 or email [email protected].

Phil Auger with David Cicillini, President of the Rhode Island Foundation, Deb Burton, Executive Director of Rhode Island Elder Info, upon receiving a Newport County Fund