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Ancient sea a monster hunted to extinction mysteriously reappears on Russian island




AN ancient sea monster hunted to extinction has Mysteriously re-appeared on a remote Russian island.

The remains of the Steller’s sea cow were found by nature reserve officials on the far flung CoMMAnder Islands in the Bering Sea.

Pictured are the incredible remains of the Steller’s sea cowCredit: Will Stewart
The 20ft long beast died out in the 18th CenturyCredit: Will Stewart
The animal was described by Arctic explorers but died outCredit: Will Stewart

The 20ft long beast died out in the 18th century because they were sitting targets for harpoon hunters, having no fear of humans.

Ribs of the creature were found jutting out of the seashore like a “fence”.

An eight hour dig showed that this was a rare find of the existence sea cow, once endemic to the waters of these islands between Russia and Alaska.

They found 45 vertebrae, 27 ribs, a left scapula and other bones on the headless creature.

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An artist’s drawing of the massive beastCredit: Will Stewart
Archaeologists pictured with the ancient animal’s remainsCredit: Will Stewart
The skeleton included dozens of perfectly preserved ribs and vertebraeCredit: Will Stewart
It was discovered on a remote Russian islandCredit: Will Stewart

Sightings of these sea cows were recorded by Arctic explorers before it died out.

The species was named after German explorer Georg Steller who first documented its existence during a voyage in 1741.

Nature reserve inspector Maria Shitova spotted the protruding ribs of the skeleton which will be displayed on the islands.