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Alex Hall Says Tyler Stanaland Acted ‘Very Single’ on Selling the OC




Selling the OC’s Alex Hall has shut down the notion that she had an affair with costar Tyler Stanaland, but he was allegedly acting single as soon they started filming season 1.

“He basically came into filming saying — once we started all to become friends and confide in each other and trauma bonding — he told us, ‘Oh yeah, my wife [Brittany Snow] said that we’re basically getting a divorce because I went on the show,’” Alex, 34, claimed on the Tuesday, May 28, episode of the “Almost Adulting” podcast.

Alex clarified, however, that Tyler, 34, wasn’t unfaithful while still married to Brittany, 38, adding, “Not that anything was going on in season 1, but Tyler also acted like a very single man.”

It has been important to Alex to offer her side of the story after being accused of getting flirty with Tyler before his split.

Selling the OC’ Cast’s Dating History

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“Sadly, there’s so many other altercations that happened throughout filming on our show with other women, with this man, with Tyler,” she recalled. “Season 1, one of the girls in the office was trying to, like, seduce Tyler and make out with Tyler.”

Selling the OC Alex Hall Says Tyler Stanaland Acted Like a Very Single Man on Season 1 2

Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall
Terence Patrick/Netflix

Selling the OC premiered on Netflix in August 2022, and it didn’t take long for viewers to question Tyler’s flirtatious behavior with colleagues Alex and Kayla Cardona. One month after the reality show’s debut, Tyler and the Pitch Perfect actress announced their separation. Brittany filed for divorce in January 2023, and the exes reached a settlement later that year.

Earlier this year, Brittany broke her silence on what led to the demise of her marriage.

“I was not aware of a lot of things, and I’ll say that,” she said on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast in March while seemingly alluding to Tyler’s actions on the show. “So, I will say, what people think happened, happened.”

She continued: “What happened, happened, and I think what it’s alluded to in the press is true. There was a marriage there. There was so much love. I think that gray is hard to understand because it’s much more salacious and interesting that it’s just like, he did this, and she did this.”

Selling the OC Stars Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland Are Dating

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Alex addressed Brittany’s comments on Tuesday, saying, “What bothered me about that interview is that other people took what she said and aimed it towards me. It’s kind of hard for me to wrap my head around.”

Selling the OC Alex Hall Says Tyler Stanaland Acted Like a Very Single Man on Season 1 3

Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall
Courtesy of Netflix

Despite being spotted with Tyler after his split from Brittany, Alex didn’t want viewers to get the timelines confused.

“But when Brittany Snow comes out and makes these allegations on the show without naming any names, people automatically accuse me, which I just find odd.” Alex continued. “Because I feel like anybody who watches the show sees the progression of mine and Tyler’s relationship.”

According to Alex, Tyler told the Selling the OC cast “very early on” that he was going to be single soon.

Brittany Snow Details How Ex Tyler Stanaland Burnt Their Relationship on Call Her Daddy

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“I don’t think that there was infidelity in his marriage, no,” Alex concluded. “But I do think that Tyler is very, very bad at setting boundaries, speaking up for himself and having a bacKBOne. And so I think Tyler gets put into situations where he’s not meaning to be an asshole or a coward or a s—ty person, but he is because he doesn’t set boundaries.”

In the aftermath of Brittany’s podcast appearance, Tyler shared his perspective on the end of their relationship.

“Relationships are complex even without public attention and speculation,” Tyler shared via his Instagram Story in March. “A mutual commitment was made, both personally and legally, to never speak about the complexities of my marriage publicly and I plan to honor that.”

Tyler said he wished Brittany “nothing but the best” after their split.

“I do, however, want to make it clear that I was never unfaithful in my marriage and the accusations of infidelity couldn’t be further from the truth,” he noted. “I will be making no further comments on this matter.”

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