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Alaskan Hero Wrangled a Drowning Brown Bear, Ensuring Its Safe Return to Shore with Courage and Compassion





You ever lasso a bear?

That sounds like the start of a great story, one that you probably wouldn’t usually believe by the time it was done. But this one comes with pictures to prove it.

Now, lassoing a bear is one thing, but lassoing an Alaskan brown bear is a whole other ball Game.

These are the largest of the grizzly bears, reaching weights over 1,400 pounds and standing over 10 feet tall in some cases. These bears run around in rugged country on Alaskan coasts and eat everything they can, enjoying the salmon runs and the berries that grow.

The coast lines and rivers that flow through these areas attract the brown bears because there is plenty of food. This can lead to bears crossing water by swimming to reach feeding grounds.

But bears can get in a jam just like people. And this guy caught a bear in a jam.

While crossing a waterway, this brown bear started to drown. Luckily there was some folks coming by on their boat willing to give the bear a hand.

They saw the bear struggling and sprung into action getting it lassoed and pulled out of the water. They then just had to fend the bear off from climbing up the boat ’til they got it closer to shore.

The released the bear safe and sound with some wild pictures to go with it.