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10 Sweet Stories of People Who Deserve a «Parent of the Year» Award




It’s heartwarming to hear about people who have amazing parents who support them with love and laughter, even as they grow older. Their stories can really touch your heart and make you appreciate your own loved ones even more.

  • Mom noticed Dad had red lipstick on his collar, but she didn’t confront him about it. A few days later, I discovered the foundation on his hand, which infuriated me. I confronted my dad, causing a big scene. He confessed that he was taking makeup classes, which only made my mom angrier.
    However, my dad proved he wasn’t cheating; he had been practicing makeup on himself. He demonstrated his skills, showing how well he could do it. He explained that with two daughters, one grown and one young, and another on the way, he wanted to be a good dad who could do anything for them.
  • At the age of 17, I suddenly realized that I didn’t fit the conventional standards of beauty among my peers. I faced ridicule for being red-haired, petite, and freckled. To hide my insecurities, I started covering my freckles with foundation, dyed my hair dark, and wore ill-fitting clothes. My dad noticed this change and gently probed to understand the reason behind it.
    Eventually, I broke down, cried, and poured out my heart to him. In response, he simply said, «So what if you’re petite, with short legs, and red-haired? These are just features! Look at how cute you are! Embrace who you are.» His words struck a chord within me, and I finally began to accept and love myself for who I am.
  • I stumbled upon a mysterious note tucked inside Dad’s wallet one day. Intrigued, I decided to investigate further. Days later, while rummaging through Dad’s briefcase, I discovered a hidden compartment containing another note and a small trinket. Confused and curious, I confronted Dad, demanding an explanation for these clandestine discoveries.
    To my surprise, Dad confessed that he had been leaving secret love notes and tokens of affection around the house for Mom as a romantic gesture. Initially taken aback, I couldn’t help but feel touched by Dad’s thoughtfulness and creativity. Witnessing this sweet gesture between my parents sparked a newfound appreciation for the depth of their love, showing me the power of small surprises in keeping the spark alive in a relationship.
  • Father returned from work, his expression serious as he approached my mom and me. He began, «Do you know who I just saw?!» We waited in anticipation as he continued, «I was walking in the dark, with only one lantern shining, when suddenly, a huge hare jumped out!» Mom and I exchanged surprised glances, only for Dad to pull out a large chocolate bar, saying, «So this bunny asked me to give you a chocolate bar!» Despite being 24 years old, I still fall for this joke about the bunny, as if I were still 6!
  • After finishing school, I accompanied my mother to enroll in university. I passed the exams and was accepted, with my mother’s help in securing a dorm room. Late in the evening, my mom left, leaving me with all the money except for enough for her ticket back home. Excited to start this new chapter of independence, I eagerly joined new friends for a night of celebration.
    What I didn’t know was that my mother missed the last bus and spent the entire night at the station, with only enough money for a ticket and a simple meal of tea and cookies. It wasn’t until 7 years later that I learned about her sacrifice, and I cried uncontrollably upon realizing her selflessness.
  • During a family camping trip, I mentioned how much I’d love to try fishing. Despite not being huge fans of fishing themselves, my parents set up all the gear and patiently showed me how to cast a line. Throughout the day, I struggled to catch anything, but they kept cheering me on with big smiles.
    Finally, I caught my first fish—a tiny trout—and their excitement was contagious. It wasn’t until much later that I realized they had given up their fun to make sure I had a chance to try fishing. Their selfless gesture showed me just how much they cared, leaving a lasting impression on my heart.
  • A week before my wedding, I discovered that my fiancé was cheating on me. Heartbroken, I turned to my mother for advice. While she sympathized with me, she urged me not to cancel the wedding. She reasoned that since everything was paid for, and I’d feel ashamed in front of relatives, it was best to go through with it for now, and later I could seek revenge and find peace. Reluctantly, I agreed.
    However, my wedding day turned out to be the worst day of my life. Just before the ceremony, my dad noticed my distress and pulled me aside for a chat. I broke down and confessed everything to him. Instead of scolding me, he hugged me tightly and said, «Your happiness is what matters most. We’ll handle this together.» With his support, I confronted my cheating fiancé, expressed my true feelings, and walked away with my dignity intact. As we left, my dad proudly said, «That’s my girl!» and added a few words of affection.
  • I remember my dad always getting really excited about very cheap, mundane foods like plain puffed rice cereal, bologna sandwiches, and unflavored steel-cut oats. He would get us all amped up about it, and we would want to eat it instead of the more expensive stuff we really wanted because of how much he talked it up. Now that I am older (and as a father myself), I don’t think he actually loved all these things that much. Instead, my parents just didn’t have the money to buy all that expensive food to feed three growing boys. © Rebelsoul3480 / Reddit
  • A friend’s 14-year-old daughter boldly requested money for a tattoo—right on her face. While her mom resorted to calming herbal drinks, the father and daughter engaged in a serious discussion about the matter. Eventually, they agreed to visit a tattoo artist over the weekend. «I’ll pay double,» declared the father, «but first, you’ll feel the needle without any ink.»
    During the appointment, the father discreetly instructed the artist to make the process as painful as possible. As the heart design began to take shape on her cheek, the daughter howled in agony—it hurt a lot. Despite the pain, they returned home that evening, all satisfied. It seems the father’s approach maintained a positive relationship with his daughter; after all, a stubborn refusal might have only led to more defiance.
  • I went to visit my parents, feeling tired and overwhelmed with problems from all sides—work, friends, and personal issues. My mom and dad immediately sensed my mood and set out to cheer me up. They made my favorite comfort foods: cutlets with mashed potatoes and cake with tea.
    Then, my father surprised me by borrowing a sled from a neighbor and taking me for a ride. For a couple of hours, all my worries melted away, and I felt like a child again—carefree and joyful. In those precious moments, I realized that no matter how old I am, I will always be my dad’s little daughter in his eyes.

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