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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Gameplay Will Shape Hyrule's Appearance




We got further confirmation this week that Tears of the Kingdom is the most anticipated Game of 2023, as it picked up an award for exactly that at the Famitsu Game Awards. The sequel's producer Eiji Aonuma accepted the award, seemingly making a few reveals about the Game in the process. Reveals that appear to include information on how Tears of the Kingdom's Gameplay will shape Hyrule.

Tweets from Genki_JPN (thanks, VGC) revealed what Aonuma said about the highly anticipated Game, although those tweets have since been deleted, so make of that what you will. “In the sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, furthermore, the players' free imagination will be filled with new Gameplay that will bring about changes to the Game world,” one of the tweets read.


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While the translation may not be spot on, Aonuma appears to be suggesting Link's actions in-Game will shape Hyrule itself. Even though Tears of the Kingdom will seemingly take place in the same location geographically as Breath of the Wild, what we have seen of it so far has already confirmed it will look very different when we return.

Link from Tears of the Kingdom

Aonuma's comments may well explain why that is, and why we haven't already seen more of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom's previous trailers. Most of the footage shows Link looking down on Hyrule from the sky. Perhaps that's the lofty position from which players will be able to shape the kingdom below them. Another tweet read that Aonuma hopes players will be “pleasantly surprised” by Hyrule when they return, describing it as being in an unknown state.

It's impressive that Nintendo has managed to keep so much of what Tears of the Kingdom will include under wraps while generating a massive amount of hype at the same time. Granted, images from its art book leaking didn't help that, but the only spoiler from it I've encountered was the reveal that Hyrule has its very own cheese. I can also confirm you'll get a special edition spoon when pre-ordering the Game in Japan for some bizarre reason.

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