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Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel Is Being Shut Down After Less Than A Year




Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel saw a worldwide release back on September 6 last year, bringing the free-for-all card battler to the mobile devices of Yu-Gi-Oh! fans across the globe. Those of you enjoying the Game right now will probably have expected Konami to put some real support behind the title, but unfortuantely, Cross Duel will not be celebrating it's first birthday.

It's been announced by Konami that Cross Duel will be ending service on September 4 later this year, essentially meaning that the Game will be shut down and no longer playable from that date on (thanks YGOrganization). Konami has also announced that the sale of Crystals - the premium currency that makes the entire Game's economy function - will halt for the remainder of the Game's life as of today.


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In an attempt to make up for canning a Game that players have spent money on less than 12 months from launch, Konami has also revealed that it will be holding a number of celebratory events to "express [its] gratitude". These events will likely reward players with a whole bunch of items, and it's also planned for Yu-Gi-Oh! fans who play Master Duel and Duel Links to receive rewards for playing Cross Duel such as currency and icons. Gifts and login bonuses for Cross Duel are also going to be increased from here on out.

While I'm sure it's disappointing for many that Cross Duel is being shut down so soon after launch, fans replying to the official announcement on Twitter seemed to be expecting it. A lot of people are suggesting the Game's pay to win mechanics were its downfall, while there are others saddened over the lack of a PC port. In any case, it's another Game to throw on top of the pile of failed live-service titles that is only growing as the months roll by.

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