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YouTube Streamer Valkyrae Wants To Adopt A Baby With Her Mom




YouTube streamer and Sonic Prime voice actor Valkyrae has announced plans to adopt a kid with her mom, asking her Twitter followers - particularly those who were or have adopted - what the experience was like.

"My mom and I are considering adopting a baby!" Valkyrae tweeted. "She will be the one raising them and I would be financially caring for them; the idea of having another little sibling feels unreal. does anybody reading this have experience with adoption/been adopted? what was the experience like?"

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The comments are flooded with support and people sharing their stories, offering to speak privately in more detail, but the quote retweets are far less positive. Some accuse the mother of wanting a hobby and Valkyrae of wanting "a Pet", others claim the child will end up with an old adoptive mother and a busy adoptive sister, while some are simply calling the announcement "weird".

However, while many in the quote retweets began by insulting the announcement, others have cropped up in support, denouncing the claims that it's a strange decision or that it's simply for "clout".

"[Valkyrae] is a good ass person, she's not some weirdo & stop treating her like one", a fan responded, to which Valkyrae replied, "Thank you. I'm definitely not the most well spoken person but seeing how some people perceived this breaks my heart."

Valkyrae admits that the adoption process will "probably take years", with claiming it can take anywhere from six to 18 months for a foster child and two to seven years for a newborn. However, Valkyrae says that she and her mom "have been considering for a long time and feel it's an appropriate time to start the long process".

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