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You Have To See How Much Taylor Swift Has Changed




Taylor Swift has managed to achieve that rarest of beauty transformations: the seamless kind. Despite coming of age in HD, the singer has kept her look clean, sophisticated, all-American, and refined. She may not experiment as much as the next pop star, but Swift elaborates on the elements that work for her, such as rebooting that red lip classic thing that you like over and over again (if it ain’t broke…).

As a teenage country star, Swift favored ringlet curls and a peaches-and-cream complexion, brightened with subtle touches — say, a hint of blue shadow or a diffused coral lipstick. As a powerhouse pop star, she’s jacked the amperage with smoky eyes and, of course, that famous scarlet pout. More recently, she’s returned to her pastel roots with floral headbands, confetti nails, and dip-dyed pink hair.

Like with most aspects of Swift’s image, there’s a continuity in her beauty choices that radiates authenticity. Today’s smoky eyes are often blended with the same hints of lapis she wore as a teen; whether straightened and skimming the eyes or pushed to the side, her bangs are still ever-present. She’ll really never go out of style.

Ahead, the subtle, and pitch-perfect, progression.