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You Can Save The Dog In Resident Evil 4 Remake




Don't worry, Resident Evil fans - you can still save the white "dog" that's stuck in a bear trap in Resident Evil 4's remake, despite early Gameplay trailers making it seem like you couldn't.

Before the Resident Evil 4 remake had even been released, Capcom managed to break everyone's heart. A Gameplay showcase released back in October showed Leon coming across a white dog (it's a wolf, but keeping in the spirit of Resident Evil, I'll play along) that's died in a bear trap. Considering the original Game let you save a similar dog from the same fate, it seemed as if Capcom had decided to up the ante a bit and kill the dog off from the beginning.

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Many predicted that wasn't actually the case and that Capcom had thrown it in there as a bait-and-switch and, thankfully, that theory was right. As pointed out by the Can You Pet The Dog Twitter account, the dead dog that Leon comes across in the intro is actually a different dog altogether, and the one that's stuck in the bear trap can be found a little later on in Chapter 3.

After leaving the house in Chapter 3, you'll hear a dog crying in pain just further up the path. You can then go up to it and rescue it from the bear trap, just like you did in the original. Leon even has a bit of a quip for the increased number of bear traps in the remake, saying to the dog, "You too, huh?".

As expected, the dog will also come to Leon's aid in the boss fight against El Gigante, with Leon even mistaking what is clearly a wolf for "that dog" yet again. Since the encounter with the dog is slightly off the beaten path, I'm going to assume that it's up to the player to decide whether they want to rescue the dog or not. If you expect me to abandon the dog to find out, you're barking up the wrong tree.

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