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Yet Another Fix For Overwatch 2's Matchmaking Is On The Way




Perhaps one of the biggest issues facing Overwatch 2 since launch is its matchmaking. For weeks now, fans have been complaining about being placed with players who finished Top 500 just a few seasons ago, even if they're in Gold. But once again, Blizzard has a fix on the way.

After the most recent update appears to have done little to address matchmaking concerns, Overwatch executive producer Jared Neuss has confirmed that more fixes are on the way. This comes just days after the last "fix", but also as complaints continue to be sent Blizzard's way.

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This comes via Twitter, with a fan complaining to Neuss that even after the recent update, they're getting put in Gold matches despite being in Master.

"I believe we'll have updates next week in Aaron [Keller]'s blog," says Neuss. "Some improvements were made but a new round of changes are coming behind the scenes after the weekend."

So hopefully, we won't have to wait too much longer. And thank goodness for that, because the matchmaking over the weekend was dire.

It's not exactly clear what's causing the issues with matchmaking. A common theory among fans is that a supposedly dwindling playerbase makes it hard for the Game to match us up with those of a similar skill level. However, it's difficult to believe that the player count has dropped off that dramatically, especially now that Overwatch has crossplay, and only has to match up teams of five rather than six.

Alternatively, the devs have previously explained that the Game doesn't match us up based on our visible SR, but rather our hidden MMR, or internal matchmaking rating. This changes based on pretty much all of the matches we play in the Game, not just comPetitive. Yet it's similarly hard to believe that a Top 500 player and someone in Gold could have a similar enough MMR to be paired together.

Whatever the case, it seems that we'll have another fix either this week or next.

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