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Yakuza Devs Beat Seven Games In Huge Marathon Stream




You know, some days you just want to escape into your favorite Game for a few hours, maybe a day tops. Then, other days you want to host a livestream where you play every mainline Yakuza Game in one sitting. Well, maybe that’s just what the folks at Ryu Ga Gotoku studio felt like doing last week.

Per the folks over at GamesRadar, the studio behind the Yakuza series decided to hold a massive livestream where they played through every mainline Yakuza Game. At least, each one that featured Kiryu as the main protagonist. They undertook the massive challenge on March 17 and completed it 170 hours later. That’s right, they spent just over seven days beating the Games back-to-back.

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The developers kicked off the event with Yakuza 0 and played to Yakuza 6 on the livestream. While there was a rotation of different hosts and players, it is still amazing to see such commitment and perseverance by this group. Especially considering how long Yakuza 5 can take to beat with its five different protagonists.

Of course, folks who tuned into the livestream were also treated to a few special guests. Takaya Kuroda, the voice actor behind Kazuma Kiryu, showed up to entertain viewers with his impression of Goro Majima, the Mad Dog of Shimano. Meanwhile, Majima’s voice actor, Hidenari Ugaki, also showed up to join in on all the Yakuza-playing fun.

Once the livestream was complete the folks at Ryu Ga Gotaku studio celebrated on Twitter. They posted a quick group photo of the team alongside their thanks for joining them for the “long delivery of ‘about 170 hours’”. And hey, if those 170 hours of Yakuza was not enough for you, don’t worry. The story of Kazuma Kiryu continues in Yakuza 8 (Like A Dragon 8). Plus, two Yakuza spin-offs, with one focusing on Kiryu’s time in-between the main storyline, are slated for release sometime next year.

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