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xQc AI Chatbot Bashes "Most Braindead Streamer" Ludwig, Leaving xQc Stunned




xQc was in for a surprise during his most recent livestream when his own AI chatbot started taking potshots at fellow streamer Ludwig. Things were going perfectly fine until viewers began to pose the program questions, one fan asking who the “most braindead” streamer was. The chatbot pulled no punches, going straight after the content creator.

“Ludwig is probably the most braindead streamer if you really think about it,” the AI remarked about the matter. “I mean, the guy doesn’t know how to do anything except play melee, really.” The chatbot went on to say that “he’s one of the most popular because he is literally just a good looking white guy, but I feel he just doesn’t have, like, any substance to him as a streamer. I could be wrong, but that’s just what I feel like.”


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xQc was left completely lost for words. “What the fuck was that,” the content creator wondered out loud. The chatbot was custom built by a fan of xQc to accurately replicate the style and substance of the streamer, but something clearly went awry when it came to the coding.

AI content has become increasingly popular on streaming services like Twitch, with shows like Nothing, Forever which parodies the classic Seinfeld becoming massively successful, some seemingly overnight. Chatbots have also been used frequently by content creators during their streams, many having been programmed to replicate the remarks and responses of influencers like xQc and Ludwig.

While the rise of chatbots on Twitch has brought a new level of Entertainment to the platform, the incident with xQc shows that AI can also be unpredictable and sometimes even a little bit brutal. As these programs continue to improve, some of their comedic aspects may disappear, but at least for the moment, AI remains a reliable source of amusement.


The chatbot in fact went a step further, taking aim at yet another streamer, Trainwrecks. When a fan of xQc asked the AI for its opinion of this particular content creator, the program responded by calling Trainwrecks a “fraud,” describing how the influencer “tries to act smart” and “be a good person,” but is ultimately “fake.”

“Trainwrecks is a total fraud, man. He’s a total fraud in everything he does,” the chatbot remarked. “He tries to act smart. He tries to be a good person. But I don’t think that he’s smart. He’s just a fake person.”

The chatbot has been causing quite a stir on Twitch, with its rather brutal assessments of content creators. While some viewers have been describing the affair as rather amusing, others have been calling this particular case a little bit concerning. The incident however highlights the growing prevalence of AI on Twitch and its potential for both Entertainment and controversy. What exactly can be expected from the Technology going forward remains to be seen.

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