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WWE 2K23's Commentators Tell You Off For Being AFK




With WWE 2K23 set to launch this Friday, short clips of the Game are making their way onto social media, giving us a very brief look at what we can expect from this year's wrestling title. We've seen new fights, plenty of wrestlers in the ring, and the reliable commentary from Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. However, one fan has noticed that this team of commentators aren't too fond of being made to wait, as they'll give you a telling off if you go AFK for a while.

First shared by ThisGenGaming on Twitter, a video of John Cena and Roman Reigns has WWE 2K23 fans in stitches as both wrestlers stand in separate corners of the ring without moving a muscle. Clearly irritated by the situation, the commentators begin to question what the heck is going on with the match, with one of them commenting that "hopefully next time they'll hit the pause button."


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After an unknown amount of time passes, the commentators begin to get even more frustrated, as one calls for disqualifcation "on account of boredom". They then begin to address the player directly, trying to get their attention but admit they're "shouting into the void" at this point. It's a wonderfully meta exchange between the commentators, and the surprisingly great performances from Michael Cole and Corey Graves with this dialogue makes it feel all the more authentic.

Hopefully there're even more exasperated comments from the commentary team to discover for ourselves. You'll be able to make Michael Cole and Corey Graves wait as long as you like when WWE 2K23 launches on March 17 later this week, which you can grab on either PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X. Don't make them wait too long though, or you might find yourself cracked around the back of the head with a steel chair.

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