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Woman’s warning over Apple AirPods found tracking her after being hidden in bag




A US woman made a startling discovery when she learned she was being tracked by a pair of AirPods, believed to have been slipped into her bag by strangers she met at a Petrol station.

The woman, who shared her story under the Twitter handle paradisechi, said she had stopped at a petrol station in Phoenix on Wednesday when she was approached by two men.

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She said she did not know the men nor want to talk to them but “was being cornered”.

“I tried to walk away but he was walking right behind me,” she tweeted.

“People saw how uncomfortable I was and carried on. It’s while I was facing one that the other one was behind me and slipped (the AirPods) into my water bottle pouch in my bag.”

The woman said she did not make the disturbing discovery until she got an alert when she was back home, leaving her feeling on edge about her safety.

“It has all my locations because I was at the gas station on the morning and me not knowing it was on me went on with my day till my day was over,” she said.

“I’m literally sitting in my bed and I saw the notification now this person knows where I live, but I’m moving this weekend, that’s the only thing that has me somewhat calm..”

A US woman says strangers tracked her with a pair of Apple AirPods after slipping the device into her bag when they approached her at a Petrol station. Credit: Twitter/@paradisechi

Terrified, the woman says she reacted “out of fear” and threw the AirPods out of the window when she was driving along a highway.

She said she was going to stay somewhere else until her dad was back in town and she moved.

Several people shared their own experiences with being tracked by AirPods or AirTags — a Bluetooth tracking device that is about the size of a 20c coin.

“Someone put an AirTag in my bag before, be careful! And when you notice the pop on your phone (if you have an iPhone) do not dismiss it until you find it! They’re getting slicker and slicker, really crafty,” one woman warned.

“This is so scary, people really can’t take no for an answer,” another added.

And it happens close to home too. last month spoke to one Melbourne woman who discovered an AirTag was tracking her location while she was running errands.

She said she felt “sick to her stomach” and tore her car apart trying to find the device.

She later confronted her boyfriend about it, who finally confessed to planting it when she threatened to file a police report.