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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's First Boss Is Kicking Everyone's Ass




Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty players are having a particularly hard time with the Game's first boss Zhang Liang, with some saying that he's the hardest challenge in the whole Game.

As a Soulsborne (or should that be Soulsbornioh now?), it should probably come as no surprise that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has its fair share of difficult bosses. What is surprising, however, is that the one that most players seem to be having the most difficulty with right now is actually its first, Zhang Liang, with players complaining about how hard the fight is all over social media.

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That boss is Zhang Liang, General of Man, and he appears in the Game's opening mission, after around 20 minutes of playing. Chucking a boss in so early isn't uncommon in the genre (hell, Sekiro did the exact same thing with Genichiro), but this is one that you have to beat to progress and it seems that a lot of players are either not managing to do that, or finding it a big challenge for so early in the Game.

Zhang Liang from wolongfallendynasty

Heading over to the Wo Long subreddit, many of the players there are posting memes about how difficult Zhang Liang is, asking other players how they managed to beat him, and complaining that the difficulty is too high this early on. Over on Twitter, several players who have beaten the Game already are urging others to stick with it past this high skill check, such as Sony Santa Monica's Alanah Pearce, who notes that it's harder than the "majority of the rest of the Game".

There are a few key factors for why Zhang Liang is wrecking so many players. For starters, the battle comes after less than half an hour of getting to grips with how Wo Long plays. That means most players aren't going to be used to the Game's main mechanics, one of which, deflect, is being taught through the fight itself. Zhang Liang also hits like a truck and has two Health phases, something that apparently doesn't happen very often anywhere else. Team Ninja really didn't want an easy intro, huh?

For those of you who are struggling, we've got a guide on how to beat Zhang Liang that should make things a little easier and let you get on with the rest of the Game.

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