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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Players Are Already Making Geralt And Kratos




Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has an incredibly in-depth character creator - you can modify bangs, individual sections of hair, length, and more, on top of a robust face sculpting system that includes details such as scars and marks. So, it's no surprise that players are already making characters and celebrities in excruciating detail.

This has been going on since last weekend thanks to the demo, as plenty have been jumping in just to spend hours seeing how far they can push it. One player managed to perfectly recreate the lead character from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - it's almost a glimpse at what a remake could look like.

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Another player, as pictured above, made a younger Kratos, because if there's one person anyone creates when presented with a character creator, it's Kratos. We're all guilty of it, right? It wasn't just me that made him in Elden Ring, was it? But there's another staple too - Geralt. He even has his distinct yellow witcher eyes.

Perhaps the eeriest creation of the lot is Michael Jackson, a near-perfect replica of the real person. It's almost as though players are turning Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty into a walking, okay-maybe-not-talking wax museum. But all we're seeing right now are the results of the character creation menu, not the cutscenes that do include your custom character. They're mute and follow that old gaming cliche of standing around awkwardly, so just imagine Michael Jackson with a giant sword hanging in the background - like I said, eerie.

Wo Long: fallen Dynasty player recreating Michael Jackson in character creator

He's not the only Celebrity that players are bringing to the world of Wo Long, though. Someone even toyed with the make-up to bring Rob Zombie to life, but hopefully, it's the Rob Zombie that sings Dragula and not the one who directs those so-so Halloween sequels.

Wo Long: fallen Dynasty using the character creator to make Rob Zombie

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is out now, so if you want to take a crack at making your favourite musicians or even your uncle, maybe next-door neighbour, in all likelihood, you can.

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