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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Players Are Already Beating Bosses In Their Underwear




When you hear a Game label itself as a soulslike, chances are it's going to be pretty difficult. That difficulty will then attract a vast number of Gamers out there looking for more challenging titles, eager to show off their prowess. There's no greater display of mastery than dispatching a tricky boss fight with nothing but the bare minimum, so that's why you'll find plenty of videos out there of players taking down boss fights wearing nothing but a pair of skivvies.

Despite being on store shelves for only a handful of days, there are several videos online of players taking down some of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's toughest bosses completely stark naked. For example, a boss many are finding to be an obstacle too large to overcome is Zhang Liang, the Game's first boss. The Wo Long subreddit was chock full of players complaining about the fight's high difficulty, but that hasn't stopped YouTuber Yakuuzy from striking him down with ease with nothing but a spear and the underwear on their back.

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It's a fairly relentless display too, as Yakuuzy gets through Zhang Liang's first phase with a flurry of attacks before quickly dispatching the second with some well-timed parries. If you're not too fussed about spoilers, Yakuuzy also has a bunch more videos of them taking down every boss in the Game with their self-described "naked strategy".

Not be outdone by Yakuuzy, a fan called SurammuDanku has recently uploaded Whitegoat's naked takedown of a different boss to the Game's subreddit, this time the horseback riding Lu Bu. Not only do they flatten him in very little time, they also manage to do it without having levelled up once, parrying every attack, and taking no damage whatsoever.

Pretty impressive stuff, and yet another indicator (if we needed one) that soulsborne fans will go above and beyond to prove they have what it takes to make challenging Games seem absolutely trivial. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and start my 60th attemtp at the Zhang Liang boss fight.

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