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With All The Effort That Goes Into Taylor Swift’s Marketing, Does She Do Any Of It Herself?




Highly-acclaimed singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has worked hard to get where she is. But as her empire continues to grow, it’s unclear just how much work Swift is investing, versus what might be handed off to her team.

Taylor, who predicted her own success years before it happened, has invested a lot in developing her branding, from sharing playlists based on her writing tools (technically the styles) to releasing merchandise that comes straight from the lines of her songs.

Given that Taylor’s empire is so huge (thanks to so many hit songs), fans have begun to wonder how much of it she controls, and how much is handed off to ᴀssistants and other team members to manage.

Taylor Loves Connecting With Fans (And Leaving Surprises For Them)


Fans already know that Taylor cares about them a lot. Swifties have loved decoding her Easter eggs when it comes to album тιтles, the order of songs coming out of her “vault,” and more.

Taylor has also long shared her relationship details with her fan base, and even her latest songs continue to pick apart past relationships and, in some cases, confirm fans’ ᴀssumptions from yesteryear.

While exes like Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer probably don’t love the reminders (and trolling from Swifties), it’s clear Taylor has developed a well-loved brand out of her own personality.

As her brand becomes larger than life, is Taylor getting left behind?

Taylor Swift Is More Than A Singer: She’s An Entire Brand
At this point in her career, Taylor Swift is so much more than a singer-songwriter. Those are the things she’s praised for most, and she has penned some songs for big films, too, but her brand extends far beyond music.

There’s the merch, of course, like her folklore sweaters and those scarves. But her image is also part of the branding.

It’s the lengths of that branding that begs the question, is Taylor really involved in her marketing?

It seems almost impossible that she controls everything, and there has to be a team behind her to bring it all together. Right?

Does Taylor Swift Manager Her Own Social Media Accounts?

In a 2018 thread discussing how much Taylor manages her own social media, fans were already noticing that Taylor’s social media was changing.

Posts were almost identical on various platforms, suggesting that either Taylor or her team was mᴀss-posting and scheduling content.

It’s a common social media strategy, but it sort of went against Taylor’s previous model of connecting closely with fans.

Yet Taylor’s branding did change and morph over time; her 2017 “social media blackout” to shift her branding was praised widely. This was, of course, leading up to the release of Reputation, which can’t be called a “comeback” because Taylor never left, but it was something new.

Fans in that Reddit discussion ᴀssumed that at the time, Taylor’s posts were a mix of professional and personal; they thought her team probably had access to her accounts, but those cat pics? Definitely from Taylor herself.

Overall, fans seem to agree that Taylor’s team has some sort of involvement in everything she posts, but also that there’s a greater goal in mind with all of her social media, marketing, branding, and product placement (products being Taylor’s merch, of course).

One fan pointed out, “I highly doubt she is the only one pulling the strings on an account with 100m+ followers. She has a PR team for a reason.”


How Much Does Taylor Swift Work?

While not all of Taylor’s days are the same, since her schedule depends on whether she’s touring, working on a record, or doing any of the other hundred things she apparently does, fans have gotten a few glimpses into her routines.

In one “day in the life” post about Taylor, Owaves outlined one of her busiest days, when she performed on stage.

Her day started at 7am, though Taylor made time to play with her cats and work out before having lunch with friends and chatting with her parents.

Then, Taylor dove into executive meetings for two hours. After that, she spent over two hours baking… for her neighbors.

Rehearsals took about two hours, performing took about three, and Taylor was back home and in bed by 1:30 am.

Given how packed her days are, with both work and hobbies, it makes sense if Taylor delegates many of her marketing tasks to a team.

Although, she did take time to check Tumblr backstage, and many of her social media posts clearly come from Taylor herself. At least, they seem to.

But the true indication of how great Taylor’s branding is is that it’s hard to tell whether it’s her behind the posts sometimes.