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“Whoever Doesn’t Want To Listen…”- Millionaire Singer Defends Shakira and Fires Back at Critics for Her Gerard Pique Diss Track




This past June, a drama-riddled split occurred between Shakira and now ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique occurred. But rather than residing in the annals of history, the situation is merely heating up as of late. This is particularly thanks to the drama surrounding the world-renowned singer’s two surprise diss tracks “BZRP Music session #53” and “TQG”, which were directed at Pique

The tracks, featuring Bizarrap and Karol G respectively, have achieved mᴀssive success—breaking records within the music world. However, with the success has also come an onslaught of criticism toward the Colombian singer. However, millionaire singer Alejandro Sanz is now lending his voice as an articulate defense.

Alejandro Sanz defends Shakira

The famously-charismatic Sanz, who himself has won four Grammy awards, recently came out in defense of Shakira. The Spanish singer-songwriter made his stand clear when he spoke to the newspaper El Universal during the promotion of his single “Correcaminos”.

We artists end up being very autobiographical when we write because ultimately the source is where it is, in introspection, in what one carries inside, in the things one feels, right?” Sanz said.

He further added, “So, listen, if someone is at that moment expressing themselves in that way, well, it’s normal for it to happen, and well, whoever doesn’t want to listen doesn’t listen, it’s not mandatory to listen either”. Both Sanz and Shakira have been longtime friends.

The two pop singers also collaborated on the song, “La Tortura” in 2005. When asked about Shakira’s current state, Sanz wanted to keep it a secret. “No, the good thing about good friendships is that they stay between two people. That’s the best,” he concluded. While the world is still processing the diss tracks, Shakira is preparing for her next melody.

Shakira’s next song with Turizo

Even though Shakira’s two diss tracks have already shown signs of success this year, the 46-year-old singer still has something planned for her fans. She has now teamed up with fellow Colombian artist Manuel Turizo for a highly-anticipated collaboration

Music video shooting is currently underway and fans have been treated to a sneak peek of what we can expect from this song. Turizo hinted that the song will contain some sultry undertones with its sensual rhythm and lyrics. At the time being, no official release date has been given yet. It remains to be seen whether Shakira can replicate the success of her diss tracks with this new single.