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Who is Carson Daly, the TV presenter Shakira is dating after her break-up with Pique?




Much has been said in recent months about Shakira and Gerard Pique’s break-up and, as with any break-up, there is always one of the two parties involved who takes the least time to get their lives back on track. That was the

case of former Barcelona player and captain Pique, who started dating Clara Chia in the summer of last year, although some say they were together long before that…

Be that as it may, it seemed that Shakira was not interested in rebuilding her love life, as she was more focused on releasing songs with hints to her ex or taking care of her children.

However, it seems that this could be changing, as after the Colombian singer’s latest musical successes, namely her session with Bizarrap and her collaboration with Karol G, she seems to be taking a new sH๏τ at dating.

What’s more, she’s doing it with an old friend of many years, TV presenter Carson Daly. In fact, the two have already been spotted strolling the streets of New York and even going to a hockey Game together.

All about Carson Daly, Shakira’s new crush?
Born on 22 July 1973 in Santa Monica (California), the presenter Daly is one of the best-known American television presenters, with almost 15 years of experience in front of the cameras.

A professional career in which, logically, he has had the opportunity to meet many important figures, including, of course, Shakira. It was on the show ‘The Voice’ a little over ten years ago, when the singer from Colombia was a judge on the program along with other international artists such as Adam Levine and Usher.

Since then, they kept in touch, which has culminated in being caught together after many years without seeing each other. However, there is something that doesn’t quite add up in this possible romance and that is that Daly has been married since 2015 to Siri Pinter, with whom he has four children.

So, unless it is an open marriage, everything points to the fact that what there is between Shakira and the presenter is nothing more than a beautiful friendship