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Who are the highest-paid QBs in the NFL after Jared Goff’s extension? Rodgers, Watson, Mahomes...




After signing a massive contract with the Lions, the experienced ball-passer is now right up there with the best paid in the league, but where exactly and who else is on that list? Let’s find out!

Jared Goff has become the second-highest-paid quarterback in the NFL

Goff agreed to a four-year, $212 million contract that includes $170 million guaranteed. This deal now has him as the second-highest-paid quarterback in the NFL, only behind Bengals superstar Joe Burrow, who signed a record-setting $275 million deal last September.

Now that he’s being paid like an elite quarterback in the league, Detroit is hoping Goff can be the steady hand under center that helps propel the franchise to new heights as it hunts for that elusive Super Bowl title. With Goff now tied to the franchise for the foreseeable future, it’s going to be interesting to see how the franchise builds around him as they seek the success that they had last season. Giving contract extensions to St. Brown and Sewell just confirms the franchise’s confidence in their QB and the perspective that they can have with him.

The list of the NFL’s highest-earning quarterbacks

It is interesting to note that the salaries and contracts of NFL players may not correlate with each other. This means that even if Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen have contracts that are larger than others overall, they do not necessarily have the same guarantees. For example, Deshaun Watson signed a contract with the Browns worth a similar $230 million, but his deal guarantees all of that money. However, let’s get into the list of the highest-paid quarterbacks (QB) in the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes is the only QB on this top 10 list to have won a Super Bowl. Only three others have made it to the big game, including Goff, who helped bring the Los Angeles Rams to an appearance in Super Bowl LIII back in 2018. Therefore, Goff has shown that he has the potential to lead the Detroit Lions to the Super Bowl.

However, this list suggests that quarterbacks are overcompensated if the goal is to win at a high level in the playoffs. Only Mahomes and Burrow have playoff records above .500, and six of the 10 have records below .500. In any event if Goff can lead the Lions to their first-ever Super Bowl title, no one will question his status as the second-highest-paid QB in the league.

1.Joe BurrowBengals$55M
2.Jared GoffLions$53M
3.Justin HerbertChargers$52.5M
4.Lamar JacksonRavens$52M
5.Jalen HurtsEagles$51M
6.Kyler MurrayCardinals$46.1M
7.Deshaun WatsonBrowns$46M
8.Kirk CousinsFalcons$45M
9.Patrick MahomesChiefs$45M
10.Josh AllenBills$43M