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When will Novak Djokovic play again? Will he recover in time for Wimbledon or the Olympic Games?




Novak Djokovic recently withdrew from Roland Garros and underwent knee surgery today in Paris. Looking ahead, he faces a tight schedule with Wimbledon approaching in just 3.5 weeks, followed by the Olympic Games in Paris four weeks later. He is now at a compulsory moment and needs to carefully consider his options and how to navigate the upcoming challenges for the rest of the season.

One of the biggest dileMMAs he faces is how to approach his recovery and how long of a break to take after the surgery. We remember how hesitant he was to get surgery on his elbow over six years ago. Ultimately, it was the right decision, leading to a series of great successes. All of the major goals for the remainder of the season are just around the corner, and it’s clear that the best Tennis player of all time is in great demand.

Will he play at Wimbledon?

Aside from figuring out how to treat MCL operation recovery, one challenge is deciding whether to compete at Wimbledon on a grass surface. This surface can be harsh on the knees because the low bounce of the ball requires players to squat more often, placing increased strain on the knees. If the knee isn’t fully healthy, two weeks of playing in London, along with a few warm-up matches on grass, could aggravate the issue, so realistically, there’s a great chance we will not see the Grand Slam title record holder this year at the All-England Lawn Club’s courts.

...and the Olympic Games?

Djokovic’s next challenge is the Olympic tournament. He didn’t hesitate and took swift action. It’s clear that Nole is determined not to give up on his dream of winning an Olympic gold medal. Although the chances of success have significantly decreased, they still exist. There are rumors in the Italian media that his expected return will be in three weeks.

The surgery will accelerate the recovery, possibly by about four weeks. Until we receive more information... It’s unrealistic to expect Djokovic to be ready for Wimbledon. He might recover from the injury, but the question is whether he could regain his top form, as playing on grass is demanding on the knees and could pose a risk of recurrence. I believe there’s enough time to prepare for the Olympic Games,” said Dobrosav Melajac, a long-time physiotherapist of Novak Djokovic and long-jumper Ana Spanovic.