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Warzone 2's New Map Has AI Enemies And Players Aren't Happy




Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 just received its season 2 update bringing the new Ashika Island map. Warzone players are already praising the smaller, more intimate map for being much more chaotic and action-packed than Al Mazrah, but a new update has those same players up in arms.

Search & Seizure Contracts have arrived on Ashika Island, according to Raven Software. These contracts task you with tracking down Shadow Company mercenaries that have stolen vehicles all over Ashika Island. You're tasked with killing those mercenaries and recovering the vehicle, dropping it off at a designated location while avoiding airstrikes from the pissed-off mercs you just robbed.

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Those Shadow Company mercs are bots, and they won't be the only ones. Raven Software confirmed that the upcoming Data Heist Public Event will also feature AI combatants, too.

Bots have always been present in Warzone, but they're generally in a limited capacity--filling out low-tier lobbies to give new players some easy kills, for example. Warzone 2.0 also has bots, and according to DotESports, you can tell when you've killed a bot as "your kills won’t increase on the top right-hand of your screen."

But bots have been relatively rare and hard to spot. The new Search & Seizure contracts feel a lot more like Fortnite, with guaranteed AI combatants standing between you and your prize. And if there's something Warzone players have been abundantly clear about from the beginning it's that they don't want Warzone to be like Fortnite, and that includes bots.

"I really dislike PvE being injected into PvP modes and likewise PvP being injected into PvE modes," one user wrote over on the Warzone subreddit. "The players who like one format, often don't like the other."

"We don't need AI on a tiny map," another user added. "No one was crying out for AI combatants in Rebirth Island so why the hard on to add them on Ashika?!" Other users agreed, with one saying, "This is ducking stupid. The island is PURE mayhem already (in a good way). I can’t imagine dealing with fucking AI."

We'll have to wait and see if Raven listens to player feedback regarding these new bots, but it seems like AI opponents are going to be more common for the foreseeable future.

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