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Warframe Announces Duviri Paradox Expansion Arrives In April




The time is finally near. Warframe's Duviri Paradox now has a release window after being delayed from last winter. Announced during today's Devstream, the Duviri Paradox arrives in April.

We've already seen a lot of the Duviri Paradox thanks to the preview at TennoCon 2022. Set deep in the Void, the Duviri Paradox will pit the Drift against King Dominus Thrax, master of the Firmament and the ultimate power of the realm. His every whim becomes reality, making him a near-impervious foe. At the Duviri Amphitheater, Tenno were introduced to Dominus Thrax by Bombastine, a showman with an unusually appropriate name. We also got to see how color plays an important role in the monochromatic world, directing Tenno on their quest as well as showcasing the mysteries of Duviri.

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Today's Devstream gave us an even deeper dive into Duviri. Thrax was described as a "child king" whose moods have a very real effect on the world. Fear, anger, happiness, envy, and sadness are all visually represented in both the environment and in combat against Thrax's minions.

The Drifter, one of Warframe's possible "player" avatars, will also be greatly expanded in the Duviri paradox, with Intrinsics that can upgrade the Drifter's combat abilities, riding skill, endurance, and "opportunity." But don't worry, for the Duviri Paradox will still have plenty of the old-school Warframe experience. Beneath Duviri, the Undercroft offers a space where Warframe can engage in endless arena combat where the king's power is faint and distant, but Decrees will still matter. Completing segments of the Undercroft will tie into the progression for Duviri and add a bit of color back to the grayscale world.

Both newcomers and veteran Tenno will be able to take part in the Duviri Paradox even if they haven't unlocked their Drifter. There will also be three modes for players to select: The Circuit provides an endless Warfarme-only mode, The Duviri Experience provides the open-world adventure, and The Lone Story mode provides a solo narrative for Tenno that don't want any help.

Besides providing a release window for the Duviri Paradox, today's Devstream also announced the return of TennoCon on August 26 with a live, in-person event. TennoCon has been digital only for the past few years thanks to the pandemic, but Digital Extremes promises a live event in London, Ontario this summer. Hildryn Prime is also set to arrive in Warframe on March 15, so be ready to spend your plat.

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