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Victoria Beckham suffers broken foot in nasty gym accident: ‘Clean break’




David Beckham revealed his wife Victoria suffered a “clean break” to her foot after falling over during a rigorous workout.

Taking to social media Thursday, the former soccer star, 48, posted a photo of Victoria’s foot strapped in a medical boot.

“Apparently my wife’s little accident in the gym was a clean break…” Beckham wrote on his Instagram Story.

Victoria Beckham  ices her broken foot.
Posh Spice posted a photo of her foot on ice after taking a tumble on Valentine’s Day. Instagram / @davidbeckham

On Valentine’s Day, Victoria said her day got off to the wrong start when she fell over in her home gym.

The “Spice Up Your Life” hitmaker later shared a photo of her foot on ice as she sarcastically said she was having a “happy” Valentine’s Day.

Victoria later explained to her 32 million followers on the platform that she took a tumble which landed her in a medical foot.

David, for his part, posted a snap of Victoria’s injury on Instagram, jokingly writing, “How big’s your toe? Wow. I never noticed that before.”

The duo are known to poke fun at each other often.

The pair recreated the now-viral moment that saw David catch Victoria in a lie about her posh upbringing in their Super Bowl commercial with Uber Eats.

To top things off, Victoria was also wearing a shirt that read: “My Dad Had a Rolls-Royce” — which she teased towards the end of last year.

Victoria Beckham working out in her home gym.
The “Wannabe” hitmaker revealed that she fell during a workout in the gym. Instagram / @victoriabeckham

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The hilarious back-and-forth was a play off the pair’s now-famous moment from their Netflix docuseries, “Beckham,” when Victoria claimed she came from a “working-class” family, when in reality, her father drove her to school in a Rolls Royce.

“We both come from families that work very hard,” the fashion designer said during a solo interview. “We’re very working-class.”

David and Victoria Beckham kiss in front of a gorgeous sunset at the beach.
The pair are known to poke fun at each other often. David Beckham / Instagram

However, upon hearing the confession, David peeked his head into the door and hilariously told his wife of 24 years to “be honest” about her home life.

David also kicked off the start of 2024 by poking fun at his wife’s supposed “working class” roots after the couple joined Victoria’s parents for “a nice casual New Year’s Eve lunch at The Ritz.”