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Untitled Goose Game Apparently Rejected Because Apple Couldn't Skip Credits




Untitled Goose Game was one of the unexpected hits of the year when it launched in 2019. Unfortunately, the quirky puzzle Game didn't arrive on Apple's Mac Store, but that wasn't for lack of trying. One of the devs who worked on the Game has revealed that Apple's initial rejection was based on whoever tested it not knowing how to skip the credits.

Reported by Windows Central, House House dev Cabel Sasser shared a short explanation revealing the process of trying to get Untitled Goose Game on Apple's devices. “It was rejected by the reviewer because they thought you couldn't skip the credits,” Sasser revealed. “We explained that you could skip the credits by holding space. It was then rejected for something else and at that point we just gave up.”

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The follow-up reason for Untitled Goose Game's Apple rejection wasn't clarified, although judging by Sasser waving it off in their explanation, it sounds like it was probably as mundane and nonsensical as rejecting a Game based on an inability to skip the credits. Having that arbitrary rule in place when it comes to determining whether a Game is suitable for your platform is one thing, but rejecting a Game that doesn't violate it is something else entirely if that was indeed the case.

Untitled Goose Game Screenshot Of Two Players Honk At Child

Despite being a major player in mobile gaming, Apple hasn't exactly painted itself as a video game-friendly platform. Not only would you be forgiven for forgetting Apple Arcade even exists, but the cut it demands from app makers for having a presence in its stores continues to be a point of contention.

There's also the biggest Apple video game elephant of all in the room: its ongoing battle with Epic Games over Fortnite. Epic attempted to sidestep those aforementioned Apple store fees in 2020, at which point Fortnite was removed from iOS devices never to return, at least at the time of typing this. Apple wasn't the only company to miss out on Untitled Goose Game's success. Tesla wanted to put the game in its cars, but it offered its creators zero dollars in return for the chance to do that.

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