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Unexplained Skies: Mass UFO Sighting Over California Military Base Captured in New Footage, Sparking Intense Speculation




Mass Sighting Over CA Military Base!!!

There’s something strange happening in our sky … new footage shows a mass UFO sighting in the California desert, and it’s eerily reminiscent of a famous UFO event.

Experts Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp revealed the startling footage Tuesday morning on their podcast, “Weaponized,” saying the video and photos were shot back in April 2021 over Twentynine Palms, CA.

Jeremy says the UFO was hovering over the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Camp Wilson … and he says the event lasted for 10 minutes, with more than 50 eyewitnesses, including dozens of Marines being trained at the sprawling base.

Ya gotta see the footage … the triangular formation of lights looks like California’s version of the famous “Phoenix Lights” sighting from March 1997 in Arizona.

Jeremy says the UFO appeared at 8:20 PM and after hovering over the base for 9 minutes, the Marines launched a significant air and ground response.

He says the Marines fired flares at the UFO, and the Mysterious craft disappeared just before the flares got close enough to expose the UFO.


Based on the footage, Jeremy estimates the UFO — which was silent — could be as big as a 3-bedroom, 2-story house.

Jeremy and George are calling the sighting a “dream UFO case” .. and it sounds like they’re gonna be dropping a bunch of other evidence as the pod continues, too.