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‘Unacceptable’ detail of $275 a week Brisbane rental exposed




A social media influencer has slammed a Brisbane real estate agent over a $275 a week “studio apartment” listing that appears to be a basement underneath a house.

Known on TikTok as Rach McQueen, the woman takes her viewers on a virtual tour of the “sad” property located in an affluent Brisbane suburb.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: ‘Sad’ detail of $275 a week Brisbane rental exposed.

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The listing in Hamilton is advertised by Belle Property as a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment for $275 and is described as “exactly what you’ve been looking for”.

And at first it appears like a nice and spacious home.

The main image of the property listing - from a street view - shows a sizeable house complete with a front yard and driveway.

“Do not let this photo fool you,” Rachel begins the video.

A social media influencer has slammed a Brisbane real estate agent over a $275 a week ‘studio apartment’ listing which appears to be a basement underneath a house.  Credit: TikTok

As she scrolls through the images on the virtual tour, her issue with the rental becomes apparent.

“This would appear to just be the space under the house,” Rachel said, revealing the studio living space.

“$275 a week for the literal space under someone’s house.”

Images of the space reveal it has concrete flooring, a black painted ceiling and generally seems to be rather run-down.

Rachel suggested she believes the black ceiling is “probably hiding mould” and “in conjunction with the exposed electrical and plumbing, they probably think that it’s some sort of industrial look”.

“Let’s check out the kitchen, maybe it gets better in there,” she continues.

Photos of the kitchen show a small, sparse space with an electric cooktop and a ceiling exposing what appears to be the floor above.

“This is where you’re expected to cook your food, and I feel like something is going to drop out of there,” Rachel says.

Images of the space reveal it has concrete flooring and a black painted ceiling. Credit: TikTok
Rachel was less than impressed with the kitchen and bathroom. Credit: TikTok

Referring to the bathroom, Rachel concludes “we’ve seen a lot worse, but you’d expect a lot better”.

Concluding her assessment of the property Rachel added “if you’re going to jump in the comments and tell me that this is acceptable for a real estate and a landlord to rent out to someone, don’t bother.

“That’s exactly why the attitude of society towards housing in this country needs to change! Because people see this as a smart way to make money, and this is not, this is f****** unacceptable!” she said.

Other TikTok users say they were horrified over the listing and joked it “looks like something out of a Saw film”.

“I wouldn’t even leave my car in there,” one person said.

“This place isn’t even fit for the ghosts that probably live there,” another added.

But another commenter said the problems with the listing would not necessarily hurt the effort to rent it out.

“Sad thing is they will actually have this tenanted quickly,” one person said. has reached out to Belle Property for further comment.