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UFOs camouflaged among the clouds?




The recent appearance in Moscow, Russia, of a cloud that has all the hallmarks of being – and closely resembling – a camouflaged U̳F̳O̳, has unleashed a new wave of presumptions, social media discussions and controversies, regarding which w̳a̳r̳ships Other worlds use this device to be close to humans and control their movements, without the need to generate fear among the population. Or is it a new man-made weapon, with those same functions but with other objectives? This note analyzes the subject in more depth, which includes the evolution of those ships that continue to be seen on Earth. Since time immemorial, even from when it was utopia to talk about ships coming from other worlds, strange phenomena (inexplicable for those times) were already observed in the firmament of different countries of the world. Proof of this was what various American media reported in 1896, when reporting on mysterious devices that flew in the sky. The descriptions varied, but the witnesses used to associate them with the technology of that thriving 19th century. At that time, these exotic objects were compared to balloons or airships powered by steam engines, although it was even described that they had a network of propellers to move, while others spoke of powerful reflectors that generated light that allowed them to move.

Back in time, already in the 20th century, with the first flights of the legendary airplanes and those planes that fought in the First World W̳a̳r̳, many pilots mentioned flying lights that were very different from the previous ones and that made inexplicable evolutions.

Needless to say when the term “flying saucer” became official in 1947, and those ships from other worlds, also in apparent technological evolution, ceased to be a presumption to become an obsession of many researchers.

It is seen, with all this previous analysis, that just as the aeronautical and aerospace industry evolved – and continues to do so – by leaps and bounds, also those who “visit” the Earth for centuries have surely done their thing. For this very reason, and perhaps as a way of keeping us “closer”, is that they do not always let themselves be seen, and when we can discover them, they seem very well “camouflaged”, as if their evolution reached those levels.

In this context, and despite the fact that it is not a novelty, since many assert that the phenomenon has been repeated since time immemorial, UFO sightings hidden among the clouds are more and more repeated, or rather using an advanced camouflage system that makes that they look a lot like clouds, do not cease to amaze.

“lenticular” clouds

According to the site, meteorologists have used the phenomenon of lenticular clouds to explain these sightings. Apparently, these are high-altitude clouds that have a lenticular shape and a smooth appearance, similar in appearance to what the popular imagination considers a flying saucer.

In any case, and although the photographic images and videos of sightings of UFOs camouflaged among the clouds have not provided enough evidence to definitively determine the true extraterrestrial nature, the recent and impressive video taken in Moscow could change this dynamic, since it shows what appears to be a huge UFO hidden in a cloud over the Russian capital.

A large cloud, but with all the characteristics of what appears to be an alien ship, was seen in the heart of Moscow, which caused panic among the residents, absorbed in seeing the phenomenon, which also tends to cause speculation about a probable invasion of a civilization. superior to human. The best image was taken by a pedestrian who, seeing the strange image in the sky over Andropov Avenue, decided to film it with his smartphone and record it. While taking the shot, the man repeatedly wonders what he is seeing, speculating that it is a UFO being driven by aliens. Later, he decided to upload the filming to social networks, where it quickly went viral.

In the video, a Mysterious and enormous circular cloud that moves at great speed is seen on a building of about 19 floors, with an approximate height of 66 meters. You can also see how the sky is covered by several clouds, which makes the images more incredible.

Unfortunately, the site does not have more information than that published by the Russian news portal, since it is the only video that was published on August 2, 2018. Next to it, it reads: “A mysterious ‘UFO’ appeared in the south of Moscow. According to the witness, the video was recorded this morning near Andropov Avenue. It is evident how a huge ‘dish’ floats in the sky. What’s that? Aliens?”

As soon as it went viral, the video was the subject of heated debates, among those who remembered the fictional film “Independence Day” directed by Roland Emmerich, just at the moment when the first alien spacecraft appeared, while some denied everything and many others they claimed to have seen some strange-looking clouds in the city center earlier that day, as panic grew among Russians about the ever-potential alien invasion.

And the cumulus nimbus?

Despite the video and the controversy unleashed, several Russian meteorologists came out to refute the species, indicating that it could be a cumulus type of unusual shape, a particularly “fluffy” cloud at a very low altitude. Or perhaps a lenticular cloud, stationary and solitary clouds that generally form at high altitudes in mountainous areas and isolated from other clouds. And as its name suggests, it is shaped like a “saucer” or converging lens.

Of course, as expected, the conspiracy theorists came out to replicate that version. They argued that the enormous speed at which the strange formation moves and that it behaves as if it had intelligence rules out any cloud formation. This generated another, more profuse discussion, which divided the waters between those who believe that it was a camouflaged UFO, while for others it could be a secret Military test by the government of Vladimir Putin. So that our readers do not stay with the desire, in the data they have the address to be able to see the video, and draw their own conclusions.