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UFO near shuttle Atlantis?




After completing 33 missions, Space Shuttle Atlantis remained in space for 293 days. Having made just over 4500 revolutions around the Earth. He served 26 years, from 1985 until July 2011, when he completed his last mission. This shuttle is remembered for the launch of the Magellan and Galileo space probes, as well as the assembly mission of the International Space Station. Therefore, the number of images of space made by astronauts who have completed these missions must be large. For example, a UFO next to the shuttle Atlantis.

Allegedly, this agency is trying to keep any images that may contain the possibility of anomalies secret. Such as space flying objects of non-human origin. Surprisingly, a strange anomaly has been spotted in a newly discovered photograph taken by NASA’s Atlantis space shuttle.

UFO next to the shuttle.

This indicates the presence of an unknown flying object that passed exactly under the North American spacecraft Atlantis. The picture was taken off the coast of China. It is believed that this image may be the last in the NASA archive. Which allegedly includes evidence of a strange black object nicknamed the Black Knight. But it could also be an unknown flying object that could have passed in the path of the Atlantis shuttle.

“Black Knight”

It is possible that this is a UFO, erroneously labeled as a satellite. NASA described it as a “satellite deployment” without saying anything else. When viewed from above, we observe a disk-shaped object, and below – a cloud cover covering the Earth.

It’s not a satellite, it’s a very strange type of disk. UFO near shuttle Atlantis?
A well-defined relief can be seen around the center of this anomaly, which gives an idea of its dimensional aspect. There are wavy parts on its edge, and it is not known what function this jagged shape may have. This object is on its way from Earth’s orbit into space. As you know, satellites do not fly in space, they are always in geostationary orbit.

This is not a satellite, this is a very strange type of disk, not like a satellite, and even more so created by human hands. The object is impressive in its speed, and once again NASA, as it has for decades, always withholds information about these objects.

But not only images can reveal the secrets of NASA. An incident occurred with the ship, due to which the landing of the shuttle Atlantis was delayed by 48 hours.

In 2006, the operators discussed the need for a third check of the heat shield. Including a spacewalk to check for the presence of a Mysterious object that passed close to the spacecraft. Delaying the planned landing of the spacecraft.

This historic flight of the Atlantis shuttle was delayed for a very long time for various reasons, either lightning struck the launch pad, or some other problems interfered with the launch, but it still took place on September 9, 2006. The shuttle was headed for the International Space Station with a crew of six astronauts. The purpose of the flight is to continue the construction of the ISS. The expansion of the ISS structures was interrupted by the crash of one of the shuttles in 2003. The STS-115 mission shuttle reached the ISS and carried out the installation of additional modules, after which it began entering the dense layers of the Earth’s atmosphere for subsequent landing, and at that moment the shuttle crew discovered that it was accompanied by several UFOs.