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Ubisoft Has Created An AI Tool That Will Generate NPC Dialogue




With the rise of AI over the past few years, many have become worried that the Technology may cause artists and voice actors to lose potential work due to its continued use in the Games industry. One of the more rectn, high-profile examples of Games using AI art was High on Life, which used AI-generated art to add "finishing touches" to various posters found in the Game.

It's not just artists that are worried about AI's continued popularity, as tools such as ChatGPT have writers on edge too. Now, adding to those nerves is Ubisoft, which recently announced that it has created an in-house AI tool that will help generate dialogue for NPCs (thanks VGC). Created by Ubisoft La Forge, Ubisoft Ghostwriter will be used to generate the first draft of "barks" from NPCs, which are generic voicelines that you'll hear shouted from passerbys when exploring open worlds.


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Ubisoft has claimed that this tool will help scriptwriters and give them "more time and freedom" to work on more important dialogue for main characters and cutscenes, essentially cutting out all of the rePetitive busywork in creating NPC barks. Despite Ubisoft's general excitement surrounding the tool, the public doesn't appear to share the same sentiment.

Ubisoft already has a reputation for creating fairly bland open worlds, and many believe that this tool will only add to that feeling. Then there are those that are worrying what this means for scriptwriters themselves, as less work obviously means less people are required. Ubisoft has stated that this tool has been developed in conjunction with scriptwriters, though that doesn't seem to have done much to ease worries. The tool even has some pretty high-profile skeptics, including God of War director Cory Barlog who simply tweeted a reaction gif of Kratos to get across his concern.

We don't know how far Ubisoft is going to go with this tech, although I doubt we'll see AI-written protagonists any time soon. Still, the direction that the industry is going with AI is pretty worrying for everyone involved, and Ubisoft openly and proudly using AI in Game development like this could potentially open the door for more massive companies to do the same.

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