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Twitch Streamer Heelmike Banned From Kick After Receiving Head On Stream




Twitch streamer Heelmike received a one-day ban from new streaming platformer Kick after streaming himself receiving a blowjob to an audience of over 25,000 viewers.

Over the past few weeks, several Twitch streamers have moved over to Kick, a new platform that aims to rival the streaming giant by allowing creators more freedom with what they're broadcasting. So far, this has resulted in streamers doing everything that's not generally allowed on Twitch, like gambling, streaming the Super Bowl, and even seemingly filming themselves having sex.

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So far, all of those acts have gone completely unpunished, proving that Kick is going to be a lot more relaxed about what its content creators get up to, even if what they're getting up to is showing underage audience members porn and then threatening those who share the footage around. It seems there is a limit, however - blowjobs.

As reported by Dexerto, Twitch streamer Heelmike took to the platform just a few days ago to test out the limits of its terms of service for himself. This resulted in an audience of over 25,000 viewers watching him receive a blowjob from an unknown woman on stream. This is usually when I'd share some quotes from the video but I'm sure you can imagine some of the things that were said and faces that were made.

Kick may have allowed similar content so far but it seems that Heelmike's was just too explicit, as the streamer received a one-day ban for showing himself getting brain live. He didn't seem too bothered by the incident though, as he later tweeted a surprisingly chill message in response.

Heelmike said, "1-day ban on Kick after avg 15k views and honestly I got lost in the sauce and was over the top. I'll be back with the energy but not being disrespectful. This is why Kick is the GOAT, because they reach out and tell creators what they did wrong".

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