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TT Games Reportedly Cancelled Multiple Projects Including Funko Pop Shooter




TT Games is the studio responsible for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, a title that enjoyed massive success last year. However, reports that the development team was under a tremendous amount of stress during its creation evidently tainted that success somewhat, and now new reports claim a laundry list of projects, including a game that started life as a Funko Pop shooter, have been canned.

The new report comes courtesy of Nintendo Life and claims multiple sources have detailed as many as four big-time TT projects have been canceled recently, and another two are currently on the ropes. While most of the Games to hit the cutting room floor are Lego-based, one would have switched bricks for Pops. Codenamed Project Rainbow Road, the Game would have featured characters from DC, Looney Tunes, and Stranger Things crossing over.


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That project was reportedly dealt a body blow when TT lost the Funko license to a different studio and after a short period of devs trying to turn the Game into something else, it was canceled. Also on the list of canned TT Games was a Lego Disney title that would have featured characters and worlds from The Jungle Book, Winnie the Pooh, and various other Disney IPs.

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga stormtroopers being kicked

Simply called Lego Disney, the Game would have featured an overworld with dungeons beneath as players tackled a Mysterious purple force destroying their homes. Yes, that is the driving force behind Dreamlight Valley, and the new Disney Game appears to have been what ultimately led to the decision to add Lego Disney to TT's list of abandoned Games. Apparently it had been in the works for four years at the time of its cancelation.

The other two Games that now won't see the light of day according to the report are a mobile port of Lego Worlds and a Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Game. A real shame for that last one following the success of Eidos Montreal's Game featuring the Marvel heroes. There is apparently also a Mandalorian DLC for The Skywalker Saga in development at TT, but that too might be canceled soon amid all of the other projects that have apparently bitten the dust.

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