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Tourists in TikTok video slammed for taking part in ‘sunbed wars’




A number of tourists have been criticised online after they were captured on video racing to claim sunbeds at a pool hotel before it had even opened.

A TikTok user by the name of Thomas Clifford, who was holidaying in Tenerife in Spain with his family, posted the video with the caption: “Sunbed wars. My wife told me that everyone races each morning to get sunbeds, I didn’t believe her!”

Clifford shows his watch in the video, showing the time of 7:47am. A group of people with beach towels in their hands can be seen waiting for the hotel’s pool area to open.

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Once the clock presumably hits 8am, the tourists are seen frantically running to secure a sunbed for the day by placing their towels down.

In the comments of the video, Clifford said it was “chaos”, with people “throwing their towels off the top of the stairs”.

Holidaymaker Thomas Clifford posted about the “sunbed wars” on TikTok. Credit: TikTok

He wrote that some guests had even been waiting to secure a sunbed for 40 minutes.

Clifford said he mostly found the behaviour funny, and that the hotel had been amazing otherwise.

“Other than this, it was a lovely holiday,” he said.

However other TikTok users did not see the humour in the tourists’ behaviour.

“OMG! Hideous,” one person wrote.

“This isn’t a holiday,” said another.

A third commented: “Which hotel is this. Need to avoid. Can’t be (dealing) with that nonsense.”