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TMNT: The Last Ronin Game Inspired By God Of War In The Works




The Last Ronin, one of the most popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles graphic novels in the past decade, is being adapted into a video Game, one that's apparently inspired by God of War.

Thanks to Shredder's Revenge and The Cowabunga Collection, 2022 was a massive year for TMNT fans and with Mutant Mayhem on the way later this year, it looks like 2023 is going to be another big one. If all of that somehow isn't enough for you then good news - Nickelodeon has confirmed that a game based on The Last Ronin is now in development.

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As reported by Polygon, the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game is going to take quite a different approach from Shredder's Revenge, as it's going to be an adaptation of The Last Ronin, an incredibly dark graphic novel series from 2020 that takes place in the future when only one of the Turtles is alive (no spoilers on who that is).

Art of The Last Ronin.

According to Doug Rosen, senior vice president for Games and emerging media at Paramount Global, The Last Ronin Game will be a third-person action role-playing Game that takes inspiration from God of War and God of War Ragnarok. Rosen also confirmed that players will primarily play as the Last Ronin, but that there might be some chances to play as other characters in flashback sequences.

It seems like we're going to be waiting some time to see The Last Ronin game, however. Rosen doesn't confirm which studio is currently working on the game, but he does mention that it's a "few years out". While we don't know who is working on the game, Rosen reportedly seemed confident that they're a good match for a triple-A TMNT game.

Interestingly, last year a report from Toy World magazine claimed that Nickelodeon was working on a new triple-A TMNT Game which, considering The Last Ronin's current development status, appears to be a different project from what was announced today. It seems like there's a lot for TMNT fans to get excited for.

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