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TikTok video shows how coconut oil and vinegar can be used to remove scratches from car




A man has made a viral TikTok video trying a hack to remove scratches from his car, using two very unlikely ingredients.

Arnie Negrete has more than seven million followers on TikTok, testing out hacks for cleaning, food and more.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Simple hack to remove scratches from car with two unlikely ingredients

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His recent experiment was testing a two-ingredient method to wipe off scratches on a car — and it went viral, receiving nearly 30 million views and thousands of comments.

Arnie Negrete shares a two-ingredient hack with millions of people on TikTok. Credit: TikTok

“What the HECK!? That is so cool!” Negrete said in the video.

“I can make my car brand new with just this.”

All you need it coconut oil and white vinegar mixed together, using a microfibre cloth to wipe onto the car.

All you need is coconut oil, white vinegar and a microfibre towel for this hack. Credit: TikTok

“Ok so I have this nasty scratch — let’s see if it will erase it. Here we go,” he said.

After a couple of wipes, the scratch has disappeared.

“Oh! That’s so cool,” he said.

The scratch on Negrete’s car disappeared with a couple of wipes. Credit: TikTok

‘The scratches come back.’

The hack received mixed reviews in the thousands of comments on Negrete’s video.

Some people confirmed the hack worked, or were keen to give it a try.

“It actually works,” said one person.

“Wow, I just saved myself $150,” another said.

“I’m going to try this,” said a third.

The coconut oil and white vinegar hack was loved by some, while others warned against trying it. Credit: TikTok

Others warned it had not worked for them, and people shouldn’t test the theory.

“DOES NOT WORK. I feel silly for trying it,” wrote one.

“As a detailer, don’t do this people. Please, for the love of God, just get some Tcut and some compound polish,” another commented.

Others said it was just a temporary fix and the scratches came back after the mixture dried on the car.

“Bro it works for like an hour, then the scratches come back,” someone wrote.

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