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This Bar Gives Free Drinks If You Can Get A Warzone 2 Nuke




Getting the nuke in Warzone 2.0 isn't easy, and detonating it is even harder. There's a bar in Rome, Italy whose owners believe achieving the feat is so difficult, if you manage to do it while playing Warzone in the bar, you'll drink for free, presumably for the rest of your stay in the establishment.

Clips of players trying their hand at getting and then setting off the nuke with fellow patrons watching on, and perhaps a little intoxicated themselves in some instances, have been going viral across various social media platforms. As you can see in the clip below courtesy of mikeandsalvo on TikTok, and shared by Dexerto, the player attempting to deploy the nuke is being watched very closely.


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Nukes have been a core feature in Call of Duty for years, usually requiring players to achieve an almost unimaginable killstreak in order to unlock them. They work a little differently in Warzone 2. You'll first need to win five matches in a row, something very few people will be capable of doing right off the bat. You'll then need to start the champion's quest, build the nuke, and defend it until it explodes.

The win five matches prerequisite is where there appears to have been a little confusion regarding what exactly will get you free drinks in the Italian bar featured above. Another video taken inside the watering hole claims all you need to do to get free drinks for the night is register a solo win. Perhaps that was the first hurdle the bar owners put in place and it was quickly changed after word got around and Warzone pros were drinking their poor bar dry.

Making the target for free drinks a nuke instead of a win is a wise move if that is indeed what has happened. Warzone 2's nuke is so rare that when it was rumored to exist at launch, most people didn't believe it was real. Those people were proved wrong when someone managed to get their hands on one and set it off three days later.

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