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The Witcher Tweets Low Poly Pigeon Medallion As 'New' Seventh School




The Witcher 3's new-gen update finally launched last year, bringing a photo mode along with it. That has led to some stunning pictures being shared online, but better than those has been the reveal of the Low Poly Pigeon. A bird hiding in the skies all along that now has such a big spotlight, even CD Projekt Red has gotten in on the joke.

CDPR tweeted an image of Low Poly Pigeon's head on a medallion, labeling it the animal that represents its Games' new school. The School of the Low Poly Pigeon. Unlikely that the street bird will officially join majestic and intimidating Animals like the bear and the viper in having a Witcher school named after it, but it's fun to see the creators of the Games getting in on the fun.


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It's also good to see people having fun with the low-quality pigeons rather than complaining about them. CDPR may have improved the look of almost everything else on the Continent, but since its pigeons are usually flying high above you at pace, it clearly didn't feel the need to make them look better than they would have done had the birds called a PS1 demake of the Game home.

What CDPR didn't anticipate was someone managing to snap a very close-up pic of a pigeon coming at them head-on, and thus The Witcher 3's Low Poly Pigeon meme was born. Highlighted by GamesRadar, there's actually a mod for the Game that makes all of its birds HD. Yes, that might make everything look a little nicer, but it's a lot more fun to just leave all their sharp edges and maybe make some memes of your own if you manage to get a photo of them.

The discovery of the Low Poly Pigeon feels a lot like when Marvel's Spider-Man players went to visit the game's infamous boat people for the first time. Since they're way off in the distance, and Insomniac didn't anticipate anyone taking the time to get to them, people in boats in Spider-Man are so low poly that it's actually a little scary. They won't hurt you though, and neither will the pigeon, I hope.

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