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The time a UFO “as big as a football field” flew over Gran Canaria




A huge figure, capable of covering an entire football field, swayed through the airport without making a sound, gliding calmly as if it were a simple sheet of paper.

The subject of UFOs seems to be back, causing curiosity among the people and generating discussion in parliaments and coffee shops. This catches my attention because interest in these old unknowns has been revived so quickly.

With a skeptical character, I wonder why the subject of UFOs is receiving so much attention at the moment, if this topic has not been given special importance for many decades. I cannot hide my excitement to see how now NASA and the Pentagon are collaborating to carry out various studies on the matter and meanwhile, the British Ministry of Defense declassified several photos that had previously been denounced as part of a conspiracy theory.

The dissemination of issues related to the Military field receives a great boost thanks to the awareness of the relevance that these issues have for different nations. This has allowed some witnesses to events to speak out about what happened and tell it in public. The most prominent case is that of Santiago H.R., who for a long time worked at the Gran Canaria Airport, a structure close to the Gando Military Base, in which he always kept silent about various aspects.

After retiring, Santiago decided to make a public statement about something that had happened to him when he was 17 and had just started working. He watched as a gigantic object passed through the airport without making a sound, moving as light as a feather. He is convinced that this was not done by humans and wonders if others could have shared the same experience that he had.

It happened sometime during a spring night, in the year 1974.

In his flashback, the man pictures his past with emotion as he explains that he worked the night shift, from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. He found little staff because they were in charge of cleaning the planes. They always waited for an Aviaco Super DC8 to arrive at the airport to end the day. For this reason, he commented that he had moved a little towards the track to breathe and have a cigarette at approximately 1:30 am.

–While he pointed to the horizon, he saw a flash that was perhaps caused by the device on its way.

An eyewitness commented how he had been observing a bright light that appeared in front of El Lazareto Mountain. This light turned on and off around him also on the Montaña del Burrero, separated by kilometers of sea. This caught his attention, since there couldn’t be two planes entering at the same time, when they had only waited for one.

One night, before the unexpected happened, a very particular event occurred in El Lazareto and El Burrero: the light turned on and off four times with the same intensity. This had a powerful effect on the viewer who watched without quite understanding at first what it meant. However, he would soon discover how this premonitory situation was going to have a profound impact on his life.

Santiago recalled the moment when he witnessed a strange phenomenon in La Puntilla, south of the airport. The witness recounts that he saw a light moving over the aerial platform and discovered a huge, dark circular object with red lights strategically placed around its perimeter. These were kept 5 meters away from each other, in addition to two “X” formed by incandescent tubes on the sides of the frisbee. He endured the paralysis for 2-3 seconds, spanning about the size of a Football field.

The witness (on the left) showing a drawing of what he saw to the author of this article.

Did he stop when he reached your height? Did you feel heat, did you hear something coming from that structure?

“That’s how it is. She stood next to me for a few seconds, and I had the feeling that he was watching me, as if he were scanning me, but that’s just my impression. The side tubes that formed the double Xs seemed to come out of the fire, they were incandescent, although I did not feel heat or hear any sound. It didn’t seem to have motors.”

-And what happened next?

“After that brief stop he continued moving in the same direction and speed, about 20 km per hour, and when he reached some small bushes located in what we call the old airport, he turned slightly and left, I lost sight of him.”

-One thing that stands out is the calm that he maintained when observing something so huge, close and strange…

«I was not scared, I was calm, as if that, somehow, generated that state of serenity in me. Of course, as a result of the experience my eyes began to water, I felt like a small burn that lasted three days, with chills. As I was a young boy, I didn’t give it more importance, since also with the passage of time it went away and, overnight, it was as if I forgot everything that happened ».

-It is already strange to forget about an object that, according to what he says, could perfectly have been 90 meters long by 15 or 20 meters wide…

«It is not that he did not remember it, but that he was not anxious to tell it, I decided not to do it and I did not feel worried about it. I’ve never forgotten it and kept quiet to stay out of trouble at work, since it was in a sensitive facility, and also because I didn’t feel the need to. I did not comment on anything with any partner, not even with the one who also saw it.

Was there another witness?

«At least as far as I know, one more. When the object was out of sight, behind me, from approximately 20 meters away from where I was, a coworker named Manuel came walking. He worked for Iberia in the building, in the transfer of luggage, and he left the premises and came directly to where I was and only asked me if I had seen what he had seen. I said yes, he turned and walked away. We never brought up the subject again. With how big it was, it had to alert some radar, or have been seen by other people, although flying without noise and in such a smooth way, I would understand that it went unnoticed throughout the island.

– I insist, Santiago. The object surprises, but also that peculiar silence, since the tendency is to tell about it, to comment on it in the days that follow.