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The Sims 4 To Add More Inclusive Options With Caesarean Scars And Stretch Marks




The last couple of The Sims 4 updates have been all about inclusion - recently, it added options for sexual orientation and pronouns, last month, it added surgery scars, hearing aids, and binders, while last week, it announced the option to make family relationships more complicated. On March 14, it's adding caesarean scars, stretch marks, and birthmarks.

As reported by VG247, The Sims' official Twitter shared the news with an attached video, showing off each of these new options. The 24-second clip starts with infants, highlighting their birthmarks, followed by stretch marks and caesarean scars across teens and adults in a range of different outfits. It's getting easier and easier to express yourself in-Game.

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Principle designer Matthew Fahey also clarified that it's adding birthmarks to the Skin Details category where "you'll be able to apply markings & tattoos". This is all part of the Growing Together expansion launching on March 16, but you don't have to pay for the inclusive options as they will be added for free two days prior.

It's unclear if certain new options are exclusive to specific ages, but with the update out in only two weeks, it won't be long before we can experiment for ourselves. And as always, you can modify your existing Sims to implement these new customisation options.

Growing Together is an upcoming expansion pack retailing at £34.99 that will let you explore midlife crises, family requests, self-discovery, and new social dynamics. The whole focus of the pack is to expand on how you interact with your families, letting you go more in-depth than any previous Sims Game. If you purchase it by April 27, you'll also get the outdoor play-time content, including a swing, slide and infant carrier.

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