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The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Has Kids Drawing Final Fantasy 14 Fan Art




The Sims 4's highly-anticipated Growing Together expansion launches tomorrow, and EA has been giving fans and content creators a closer look at some of the furniture and items that will be added at the same time. There's a whole bunch of stuff to look through, though one particular item has drawn the attention of Final Fantasy 14 fans, as it seems like the children of The Sims 4 are pretty big fans of the MMORPG.

First spotted in a video by Sims creator MsGryphi (thanks GamesRadar), they show off a display of childrens drawings at the 27 minute mark, letting viewers know you can toggle between sets of pictures. In one of these sets you can see a very pretty drawing of a blue swallow flying around in space, something which will be incredibly familiar to anyone who's played Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. If you don't want to know the context of this drawing, be warned there are spoilers below.


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The drawing itself appears to be a reference to Meteion, an ancient creature who occasionally takes on the form of a blue swallow. This creature is the cause of the apocalypse that players try to prevent in Endwalker, as it was sent into the cosmos to find the meaning of life, only to find nothing but civilizations that brought themselves to ruin. If you're thinking we're reading into this child's drawing too much, I promise you we're not.

Shortly after the discovery, the artist behind the child's drawing came out on Twitter to explain that this is one hundred percent an intentional reference to Final Fantasy 14, and that The Sims 4 team actually has a whole bunch of avid fans on board who love to sneak in the occasional reference. It just so happens that this one means there's a toddler out there in the Sims universe that is really into their critically accliamed MMORPGs.

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