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The Sims 4 Growing Together DLC Will Let You Adopt Existing Children




If you want to adopt in The Sims 4, you have to pick from a list of randomly generated children, but the new Growing Together expansion is shaking things up by letting you adopt existing Sim kids.

Rather than using your Sims' phone, you can simply click on a kid and select the option, and once you've done that, you'll even get a birth certificate - you can see one being held up in the photo embedded below.

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However, the way that this new adoption system works has raised questions. "Can you just adopt random sims' children," u/texasjkids asked. "That was my first question lol. Is there something the parents have to do or can you just 'adopt' any random kid you come across?" u/88infinityframes replied. It's unclear how it works exactly, though strolling into random people's houses and stealing their kids seems a bit unlikely.

Adoption in Growing Together Confirmed! Ft. Adoption Certificates! from thesims

u/YeetinOnThem posited that, given The Sims' History with glitches, we might even find "random children on the street" that we can adopt. Maybe an infant crawled out of the house and went on a little adventure, just to be brought into the Gertrude family home where all we eat are cheese toasties, and all we do is badly play the drums 'till 3 am every day. It's been a while since I played The Sims.

Another commenter, u/OhioOhO, also highlighted that accidental adoption could happen with this system; "Knowing my lack of hand-eye coordination, I might genuinely misclick and adopt a random child." Let's hope you have to go through a menu first, otherwise clicking 'adopt' and expanding your family instantly will probably become a common hiccup.

Beyond the actual act of adopting, players are already planning elaborate stories, such as locking away adoption papers for ten generations to stir up drama, while others are asking if they'll be able to keep it a secret and reveal it in ten years' time when the kid is a grown adult. It's clearly a feature that fans are excited for.

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